Holiday Drinking Gadgets Gift Guide

Don’t look now, but those ornery holidays are back. It’s time to participate in the grand tradition of buying stuff for people and hoping they exude genuine happiness when they receive it. Here are some suggestions for gifts to get the beer, wine and spirits connoisseur in your life.

Shot and Chaser Glass, $10

You only have two arms. Why waste them both to hold a shot and the chaser? Use this little doodad to do both at once! The stuff you drunkenly knock down with your newly freed hand will thank you.

Get it on Amazon.

Dual Beer Glass, $35

You know what’s better than drinking your favorite beer out of your favorite glass? Drinking two of your favorite beers out of your favorite glass. That’s right: This glass finally allows you to sip two different beers at once, so you’ll never feel like you are missing out.

Get it on Etsy.

Bev-Berry Cell Phone Flask, $13

Celebrate your love of retro cell phone technology and booze with this Blackberry-inspired flask. Now if only it could play Snake.

Get it on Amazon.

Beer Can Handle, $5

Tired of being forced to wrap your paws around cold beer cans? Get this simple and ingenious handle and feel like a beverage king.

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The BeerBelly, $20

Other than eliciting stares while sunbathing, beer bellies have long been considered useless. Now you can fill yours with up to 80 ounces(!) of cold, refreshing beer. This is in addition to the beer that’s already been converted to fat tissue.

Get it on Amazon.

The WineRack, $30

Men have beer bellies. Women have, uh, wine bosoms? In any event, here is a way to store and drink wine from your bra. Classy!

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Beer Pager, $29

Do you find yourself going to bars and immediately losing your beer amidst the endless sea of drinks? Technology feels your pain and, thus, the Beer Pager was invented. With the press of a button, you and your beloved brew will be reunited like two formerly star-crossed lovers.

Get it on Amazon.

WineYoke, $20

Wine rules, except for that spillable glass. Now you can wear that glass like a necklace and leave your hands free for wild gesticulation.

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Arkeg, $4,000

Finally, if you have the disposable income of a Trump, why not pick up this video arcade/keg combo unit? You’ll be the extra life of the party when you show up with both video games and booze.

Get it on Drink n' Game.

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