Alie + Georgia's Best Holiday Booze

These eight drinks from the cocktail mavens and best friends will spike up any holiday gathering, day or night.

Bourbon Cider Sipper

Nicely spiced and topped with a clove-studded apple slice, this wintry cocktail looks as festive as it tastes. Bourbon lovers will delight in the strong presence of the rich, smoky liquor.

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Orange Brandy Hot Chocolate

Orange and chocolate, a classic holiday-season flavor pairing, come together in a hot chocolate that's spiked thrice with citrus aromas: orange brandy, orange bitters and decorative, concentrated orange zest.

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Gin and Cranberry Sauced

Turn the classic holiday poultry accompaniment into a cocktail that will –– heed this warning –– get you sauced. With plenty of gin and a dash of bitters, the cranberry-lime, rosemary-topped drink tastes like a festive Cosmo.

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The Chosen Wine (Kosher Mulled Glogg)

Deeply hued (and flavored) kosher blackberry and red wines are quickly infused with a variety of seasonal spices and nutty amaretto liqueur for a full-bodied mulled beverage.

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Spiced Bourbon Pumpkin Milkshake

If you enjoy your holiday-season pies spiked and sweetly spiced, this boozy pumpkin milkshake –– made with actual roasted or canned gourds –– is your ideal holiday drink (or drinkable dessert).

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Orange Clove Tequilarita (or "I Want Tequila My Relatives")

The anecdote to a houseful of guests and the stresses of hosting? A tequila-based cocktail tempered by a variety of fresh and liqueur-based citrus flavors. A clove simple syrup infuses the drink with wintry warmth.

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Choco Mocha Mint Cocktail

This chocolate liqueur-spiked coffee –– ideal for sipping by the fire on a wintry day –– gets its refreshing mint flavor from three sources: peppermint schnapps, crushed candy canes and fresh mint leaves.

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Sugar Plum Wine Fairy

Sweet plum wine gets the sugar plum fairy treatment with the addition of honey, while its natural berry flavor is enhanced by mixing in fruity herbal tea. A lemon rind curl dangling over the mug's rim brightens the beverage.

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