Cooking Channel Talents' New Year's Resolutions


Find out what Cooking Channel's hosts and chefs hope to accomplish in the new year, besides continuing to create some of the best television humankind has ever seen.


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Bobby Deen

I try to live a good lifestyle, because with resolutions I think you sort of set yourself up for failure. You say, "I'm going to resolve to do this and do it at this time," and you put it in a box. I think it becomes really difficult. I just don't do resolutions. It's definitely not a diet. As far as diet and exercise is concerned, I try to make that a year-round thing before waiting until January.

Tiffani Thiessen

It’s funny — I used to make them years ago, but I feel like you make ’em, you break ’em. I don’t really believe in them, because I don’t want to break anything. If I put something out there, I might break it, and that would just break my heart. Someone asked me what I would wish for this holiday, and I said more sleep. That I would love, especially having a newborn!

G. Garvin

I don't believe in going out on New Year's because my philosophy is I want to start the very first day of the new year in the right state of mind, body and spirit. I stay home and I watch the year come to an end safely. And on New Year's Day I literally never take it off. I've been like that since I was 16. I just like to be fresh, wake up early, go to the gym and just prepare for my year.

Debi + Gabriele

(Debi) We don't do New Year’s resolutions. I never keep them if I do it on New Year's. And then I get mad at myself. I just don't think I need to appoint that one day. I'm dealing with kids. If we decide to do something –– like on a cleanse –– that's something we can do anytime of the year.


(Gabriele) I have two kids; there's no resolution I can keep!


Mo Rocca

The three that I constantly go through is learn to speak fluent Spanish, read the entire Bible — Old and New Testaments — start to finish and learn to do a back handspring in gymnastics. And every year I fail at this. I feel like what I need to do is just get a good gymnastics coach and a Spanish language Bible. Or maybe I need a Latino preacher, who is also a gymnastics coach, to read verses to me in Spanish while I'm on the parallel bars.

Kelsey Nixon

I feel like my New Year’s resolution is the same thing every year: not to take life so seriously. I'm a Virgo and so very much a perfectionist, and I like to be in control of things, so I'm always trying to just relax a little bit more and enjoy the moments for what they are. I feel like every January if I had one overall goal or way to better myself this year, I just want to stop and smell the roses.


But as far as actually checking things off a list, no. Find me one person that's really good at that, right?