The Greatest Food Moments of 2013

Face it: 2013 has become a decrepit old man, and 2014 is about to spring forth as a bouncing, innocent babe. Before we let that happen, however, let’s take a look at some of the best and brightest food stories that invaded pop culture throughout the year.

1. The Cronut™

Unless you’ve been living under a deep-fried and glazed rock, you no doubt have heard of the media frenzy surrounding this year’s Cronut. This croissant/donut hybrid is either life’s greatest gift or completely overrated depending on who you ask.

Via: The Man Repeller

2. Ramen Burger

What the what? The elusive ramen burger made quite a splash earlier this year. This creation basically is a hamburger with ramen patties instead of buns. Mmm, starchy.

Via: Go Ramen

3. Breaking Bad's Tense Guacamole Scene

One of the final Breaking Bad episodes featured a scene in which guacamole is featured prominently. No spoilers, but this scene did cause the restaurant it was filmed in to experience a huge spike in guac sales.

Via: Eater

4. Cookie Butter

You crush up peanuts to make peanut butter and, similarly, you crush up cookies (yum) to make cookie butter. This niche product is regularly sold out at Trader Joes and other speciality markets that stock it. Also, it’s really, really good.

Via: Peanut Butter & Peppers

5. Red from Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black was one of the biggest success stories in this year’s television landscape. One of the most beloved characters has to be Red, the matriarchal jailhouse chef. Just don’t piss her off. She’ll take away your food privileges.

Via: After Ellen

6. The Twinkie is Back

One of the biggest, and saddest, things to happen in the food world in 2012 was the deletion of the Twinkie from store shelves. It’s back, baby! Now you can once again fill your gullet with the finest 37-ingredient snack cake around. To your health.

Via: The Medifast Plan

7. Dog Becomes a Food Critic

You know what they say, if you can’t do then you become a critic. Oscar the dog sure can’t cook, but thanks to the Internet, he has become the world’s first and most famous doggy food critic.

Via: First We Feast

8. This Weird Parmesan and Mustard Concoction on Arrested Development

Arrested Development has always made jokes about food and its newest season was no different. To show the Bluth’s financial decline, many of them took to eating bowls of parmesan cheese and mustard mixed together. They need to get a stew going.

Via: Uproxx

9. Thanksgivukkah

It’ll be another 70,000 years before Thanksgiving and Hanukkah occur on the same day. People feasted accordingly. More challah stuffing anyone?

Via: Boston Herald

10. NASA Begins Work on 3D Printed Food

The future may be closer than we think. NASA began working this year on a 3D printer that pops out food stuff. Their first goal? To create a 3D-printed pizza. Technology is awesome.

Via: The Verge