Best 2015 Food Moments


Another year has passed into the record books — and with it a whole ton of fantastic food moments. Let’s take a trip down (recent) memory lane and reflect on the flashes of culinary brilliance that came our way in 2015.


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Some critics cooed over this film, which starred Bradley Cooper as a bad-boy chef. This, coupled with last year’s surprise hit Chef, could signal the beginning of a trend. Are chefs about to replace superheroes in the multiplex?

Master of None on Netflix

There is one thing you can easily ascertain from Aziz Ansari’s charming Netflix show: The guy loves food. Whether it's conveying fancy drinks at New York City’s Dirty French or lovingly rendered scenes of pasta preparation, the show is a tribute to foodies everywhere.

Campbell’s Soup Star Wars Dads Ad

This simple ad for Campbell’s Soup could be mistaken for any number of commercials in the past, except that the parents shown in the spot are two men. It's a progressive moment for the most-popular soup brand in the world.

Charlotte McKinney's Carl’s Jr. Ad

This commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl, featured supermodel Charlotte McKinney parading nearly naked down the street. Is it any wonder that it racked up more than 12 million views on YouTube? Oh, yeah, there’s also a cheeseburger in it somewhere.


Food trends can often be mercurial and ever-changing. Case in point? Renowned chefs around the world have suddenly re-embraced the humble taco, and 2015 was absolutely the year of the Mexican street delicacy. The taco even scored its own emoji, finally allowing us to express how we really feel about most situations.

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Pizza Rat

Pizza rat captured the hearts and minds of Internet users everywhere when this video of a rat hauling a pizza slice down some NYC subway steps went viral.

Cat Cafes in America

Coffee shops usually count music, free Wi-Fi and conversation as their main selling points, but this year saw the rise of the cat cafe. These cafes offer coffee and goodies, sure, but they also offer a bevy of adorable cats to pet and hang out with.

World's Biggest Food Fight

Sure, you may have been in some big food fights in your day, but were you in the biggest food fight? That’s what these food flingers in Spain can claim. Their food fight was so large, containing more than 170 tons of tomato product, that it set a new world record.

McDonald's All-Day Breakfast

Fast-food chain McDonald’s used 2015 to finally give the people what they want: to eat Egg McMuffins for dinner. The iconic burger franchise has finally made breakfast available all day.

Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Was it so long ago that fancy burgers were the hottest thing going? Nowadays, fancy fried chicken sandwiches light up blogs and Twitter feeds. “Who needs a McChicken when you can get a perfectly fried breast on a real bun that’s not made with all kinds of chemicals?” Jason Kessler, of Fly & Dine, recently posited to Forbes, cementing the chicken sandwich as one of the hottest trends of 2015.

Food Delivery Grows Up

On-demand food delivery services, like GrubHub and Seamless, used to be available in only major metropolitan markets. Now they’ve gone mainstream, with large ad buys on major television networks and product availability all across the country.

Anthony Bourdain Visits Waffle House

Anthony Bourdain has gone everywhere and eaten just about everything. This year, however, he finally discovered the simple joy that is Waffle House. This video of him indulging in the restaurant’s signature hash browns and waffles went viral in late 2015.

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