Step Right Up, Here is Some Cool Circus-Themed Food

Besides children, senior citizens and a good portion of adults, who doesn’t love the circus? It’s America’s 19th favorite pastime, behind deciding what to watch on Netflix — but not actually watching it — and swimming in winter. Seriously, though, the circus has enjoyed one of the longest mainstays in culture, with some dating back to the 1700s. It’s only appropriate, then, that the world takes notice and creates some themed food to celebrate its legacy. Get your head out of that lion’s mouth; here is some cool circus grub.

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Clown Cupcakes

You can be relatively sure that these clown cupcakes will not lie waiting under your bed to strangle you in your sleep as they hum "Yankee Doodle." Relatively sure.

Via Sweet Baking Supply

Funnel Cake Burger

Live every day like it’s your last with this funnel cake burger. Also, incidentally, any day you eat one of these burgers could actually be your last. Hey, nobody said circus life would be easy.

Via Culinary Bro-Down

Elephant Pancakes

Sure, you could make a happy face pancake like every other idealistic breakfast eater, or you could go try your hand at this pachydermal pancake of elephantine proportions.

Via The Rising Hollywood

Circus Cake

How long has it been since you actually stumbled upon a big top? Get a circus-themed cake and it’ll be like the big top is right there in your living room, only without all of the elephant poop to clean up.

Via Peggy Does Cake

Circus Peanut Jell-O

Combining circus peanuts and gelatin isn’t quite as weird as it sounds. In any event, it’s no weirder than circus peanuts themselves, in all of their bright-orange, vaguely banana-flavor glory.


Via Feed the Spirit

Gourmet Candy Apples

It used to be that candy apples were a food of the people. After all, they usually consisted of just an apple dipped in caramel. Nowadays, however, you can really class up the joint, like these fancy-pants apples.

Via Hope Studios

Homemade Circus Animal Cookies

Since the early 20th century, Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies have practically cornered the market of pink-and-white-frosted cookies vaguely shaped like circus animals. We have the recipe that empowers you to make your own.

Get the Recipe: Christmas "Circus" Cookies

Cotton Candy Spritzers

Sure, you could just eat a gob of cotton candy like a normal person, but where is the fun in that? Instead, drink your cotton candy. This spritzer mixes everyone’s favorite edible textile with Sprite to make something downright refreshing.

Via Hostess with the Mostess

Hot Dogs and Pretzels BFFs

What do you get when you combine two circus favorites: hot dogs and soft pretzels? This wacky sandwich. Why do we continue to use regular hot dog buns when these exist? That could be one of the great questions of the modern age.

Via Eat Like No One Else

Circus Popcorn Cupcakes

Nothing says circus more than salty popcorn. Relive the glory days with these popcorn-themed cupcakes. Oh, yeah. You could also relive those glory days by just making popcorn.

Via Juneberry Lane

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