The World's Craziest Cheese Creations

There is no doubt that cheese is delicious. Where would we be as a society without pizza, burritos or grilled cheese sandwiches? However, cheese is also particularly malleable. It’s this fact that has led these rennet Rembrandts to create some truly memorable and crazy cheese creations. Read ’em and weep.

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High-Heel Shoe

This 40-pound monstrosity, created by a Wisconsin woman known simply as The Cheese Lady, is the picture of dairy-based elegance. If only Cinderella had worn this bad boy to the ball. The prince would have really worked out those arm muscles.

Via Top 10 of Anything and Everything

Mount Rushmore

Say what you want about America, but we are still the masters at using hundreds of pounds of cheese to recreate national monuments. Why, Mr. Washington, is that a cracker in your pants, or are you just happy to see us?

Via The Baltimore Sun

Goat Cheese Wheel

Here it is, folks: the world’s biggest wheel of goat cheese, clocking in at nearly 1,200 pounds. Just think of all of the little toast-cracker snacks you could chomp on with this thing in your backyard. Just think of all of those sore goats (3,000, to be exact).


Cheese Doodle Family

Sure, this sculpture is actually made out of cheese puffs, rather than an actual block of cheese. It’s still pretty darned cool. If every family conversation ended up with everyone completely covered in cheesy snacks, Thanksgiving arguments would be a thing of the past.

Via Philip Greenspun

World's Largest Mac and Cheese

At your absolute hungriest, how much mac and cheese can you put away in one sitting? Two bowls? Three? You’d have to do a whole lot better than that to gobble down this record-setting bowl of the good stuff, which clocks in at nearly 2,500 pounds.

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Mega-Cheese From Way Back

The world’s largest block of cheese, like ever, oozes in at an impressively melty 35,000 pounds. It was shown off at the New York World’s Fair in 1965. Mad Men really should have dealt with this important moment in history.

Via Bad Postcards

Cheddar Crown

Sure, were you to obtain the throne, you could wear one of those crowns made of gold and jewels and all of that. Or, if you were awesome, you could wear this crown made entirely out of cheddar. You’d also have to be a giant, as it weighs 1,300 pounds. Hey, with great power comes great responsibility.

Via The Daily Mail

Giant Grilled Cheese

This massive grilled cheese sandwich could feed a multitude of college dorms for a multitude of semesters. Why? Svelte though it looks, it weighs 7,000 pounds. Heck, this sandwich could actually be a college dorm.

Via Imgur

Cheesy Celebs

This British artist uses gigantic blocks of cheese to sculpt stunningly unhealthy replicas of celebrities. Speaking of which, here is a stunningly G-rated replica of Dita Von Teese.

Via: Newslite

Big Ole Cheesecake

The world’s largest cheesecake isn’t the one you accidentally polished off last Saturday night at around 2 a.m. It’s this 4,700-pound behemoth cooked up in Mexico City. It’s broken down into more than 20,000 slices. That’s a whole lot of late-Saturday-night chompings.

Via World News

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