Video Games for Foodies

Video games are usually about muscular mercenaries fighting off bands of blood-thirsty aliens or not-so muscular plumbers fighting off bands of anthropomorphic turtles. However, once in a while games are released in which food is the primary concern. Here is a list of the best video games based on culinary delights.


What else can be said about the arcade classic BurgerTime? You play as a put-upon chef being chased by evil hot dogs, eggs and pickles. So, basically this is what restaurateurs experience when they accidentally consume too much nutmeg. 

Cooking Mama

The Cooking Mama series has proven to have staying power, clocking in at a half-dozen games so far. Finally, games can allow us to experience all of that fun kitchen prep work without having to eat all of those annoying meals.


Here it is. The one that started it all. Pac-Man is a dude that looks like a pizza with a slice cut out who needs to constantly eat everything in his path. Story of our lives. 

Tapper (aka Root Beer Tapper)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bartender? This arcade classic might be a good place to start, except there are no tips and definitely no smoke breaks. 

Cake Mania

Back when Web-based games were still something of a novelty, this fast-paced cake-baking simulator caused many an employee to get bad assessment reports.

Order Up!

This surprise hit for the Nintendo Wii has you using the Wiimote to flip burgers, sous vide steaks and, uh, shoo away rats (the virtual health inspector took the day off). 

Food Fight

There was something about the arcade era that lent itself to food-related video games. Maybe it was Ronald Reagan’s smiling visage. Maybe it was Star Wars fever. Maybe it was that Pac-Man was a gigantic hit and developers saw dollar signs in similar concepts. It’s probably that last one. 

Personal Trainer: Cooking

This Nintendo DS release is less a game and more an actual tutorial on how to whip up delicious grub. It actually works pretty great and –– it must be noted –– it came out before the existence of the iPad and plenty of similar apps.

Pizza Tycoon

There are all kinds of games out there that simulate owning and operating a business. There is only one that simulates owning and operating a pizza joint. Pizza Tycoon, we salute you. 

Fat Princess

This early PS3 title is essentially capture the flag, as usually seen in first-person shooters. However, instead of a flag, there is a princess who must be fed an endless stream of cake. Despite the offensive title, it’s still a great game.

Soda Drinker Pro 

The shift is coming. Soon we will spend all of our free time engaged in an addictive virtual world. Enter this soda-drinking simulation, currently available for PCs and Oculus Rift and soon to be available for Xbox One. It's almost like you're drinking soda in real life, but without the calories or taste.

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