How to Make Creme Fraiche

Learn how to make this soured cream for use in sauces, desserts or other savory applications.

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Gather Your Ingredients

All you need to make creme fraiche is heavy cream and buttermilk.

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Pour the buttermilk into the cream in a very clean measuring cup. (We tried making creme fraiche using sour cream, yogurt and buttermilk in both ultra-pasteurized and pasteurized cream. We liked the complex flavors and sweetness of the buttermilk in regular pasteurized the best, but it also works quite nicely in ultra-pasteurized.)

Cover loosely with plastic wrap or cheesecloth and let stand for 24 to 36 hours at room temperature (the longer you let it sit, the funkier it will taste).

Suddenly, as if by magic, creme fraiche appears.

At first the texture was ribbony. When we left it for longer, it thickened more. We ate some thin and some thick, and we liked them both.

Stir until creamy and serve on blini with salmon roe, or spoon atop baked potatoes.

Get the Recipe: Creme Fraiche

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