The Best Food Pranks in Movies


On April Fools' Day, while you are planning to pretend your dog transformed into the mailman or to replace the eggs in your house with oval-shaped balls of Play-Doh, why don't you take a few minutes to stroll down memory lane? In honor of the holiday, here are the best food pranks in movies.


1. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure –– Black Oozing Gum

Pee-wee Herman is no stranger to pranks. After all, he’s a loner, a rebel. His first movie found him handing out pieces of gum that were actually filled with messy ink. What a stinker.

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2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory –– Fizzy Lifting Drink

Willy Wonka may seem like a nice guy, but he can be pretty sketchy. Case in point? He introduces Charlie and Grandpa Joe to his incredible fizzy lifting drink, without mentioning that drinking it will make you float toward a giant, murderous fan.

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3. Dumb and Dumber –– Tea Laxatives

One of the all-time classic toilet scenes in cinema was started by laxatives that were slipped into a simple cup of tea. Again, the Academy failed to award greatness with an Oscar.

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4. Home Alone –– Kevin Scares the Pizza Boy

Kevin McCallister not only matches his wits against bumbling criminals, he also scares the bejesus out of a happy pizza delivery guy. Not cool, dude. Not cool.

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5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World –– Mixing Up Soy Milk with Half-and-Half

There is no worse fate for a vegan than to be tricked into drinking the dreaded half-and-half. Both halves are made from animal products, for tofu’s sake.

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6. Alice in Wonderland –– Mysterious Drinks and Cookies

In Wonderland, eating stuff can make you grow and grow — sort of like real life, except really, really sped up.

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7. Caddyshack –– There's a Doodie in the Pool

This is one of the most-iconic scenes in a movie filled with them. Try this at home with your own pool and your own candy bar!

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8. Real Genius –– House Full of Popcorn

The hows and whys of this scene are extremely convoluted and involve a secret military laser. All you have to know is that, for whatever reason, an entire house fills with popcorn. If only we’d all be so lucky.

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9. Horrible Bosses –– Peanut Allergy

People falling prey to their peanut allergies is no laughing matter, unless it is.

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10. Fast Times at Ridgemont High –– Pizza Delivery in Class

Oh, Spicoli, you incorrigible prankster. Where on earth did he get the money for that pie? That dude didn’t have a job.

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