Best Video Game Food Power-Ups

If you've ever played a video game, you know that once in a while you gain an item that gives you a massive power-up. These power-ups are very often food related. After all, when you are critically injured, what you need is a plate of spaghetti. Here are some of the coolest and most-iconic food-based power-ups in video game history.

Super Mario Bros. — Super mushrooms

Nobody knows if these 'shrooms are of the cooking variety or of the freaking-out variety. They double your size and life force, though, so it’s probably the latter.

Pac-Man — Power pellets

These pellets don’t look appetizing. They seem like something that is nutrient filled but flavorless, like astronaut grub or food that isn’t bacon. They do, however, make you momentarily invincible, so maybe they are sort of like bacon.

Resident Evil 4 — Large black bass

You know your protagonist is a badass when he gets his health back by digging into completely intact and uncooked fish.

Bioshock — Potato chips

Wait, aren't potato chips bad for you? Well, BioShock does take place in 1960 and humanity didn’t even know cigarettes were bad for you yet.

Donkey Kong Country — Bananas

Bananas don't give DK a direct power boost, but if he eats 100 of them he'll get another life. In real life, if someone eats 100 bananas in a sitting, he's more likely to lose the one life he has.

Kirby — Tomatoes

One of the most-potent power-ups in the Kirby series is the Maxim Tomato, which is said to be his very favorite food. Judging by his round, rosy shape, it's possible the phrase "you are what you eat" is literal in Dream Land.

Streets of Rage — Whole Turkeys Hanging Out in Garbage Cans

It's a classic story of man destroys garbage can, man discovers entire roasted turkey inside of said garbage can, man devours turkey and gets his life back instead of doubling down with food poisoning.

Wonder Boy — Various Fruit

Remember that dumb Jason Statham movie where he continuously has to be on the move or his heart will stop? That's sort of like Wonder Boy with eating fruit. He needs to constantly be eating — or else. That actually sounds pretty awesome.

Earthbound — Ramen Noodles

Have you gone through life thinking packages of ramen noodles are for only money-starved college students? According to EarthBound, this cheap carb can actually bring the dead back to life. Huzzah!

Castlevania — Turkeys That Have Been Stuck Inside of Walls for Centuries

Nothing says life-giving energy more than a turkey that has been lurking inside of a dilapidated wall since the Middle Ages. Who says they weren’t good at preserving foodstuffs back then?

Wario Land — Garlic

Adding even more credence to the rumor that Wario and Emeril are the same person is the fact that Wario's most-favorite food is garlic. When Wario digs into some, he gets his health back, gains invulnerability and is granted a host of other powers depending on the game. Also, inexplicably, sometimes he will suddenly don a Viking cap.

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