Weirdest Cheeses on Earth

When you stop to think about it, cheese is already pretty weird. After all, it’s usually made by curdling the milk that spews forth from an animal’s nipple. Still, it can get weirder. Here are some cheeses crafted in territories far away from the pedestrian mozzarella and cheddar zones.

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Golden Stilton Cheese

Regular Stilton cheese is a staple in England. This Stilton, however, is made with gold. They do say that the best way to a person’s heart is by putting gold in their stomach, after all. Wait a minute. That can't be right.

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This cheese, named after a quaint French village, has one signature feature: It’s smelly. Just how smelly is it? Well, it’s been banned from public transportation in France. Yowza.

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Casu Marzu

Guess what this cheese is made from? Oh, just everyone’s favorite summertime treat, live maggot larvae. It is considered unsavory to consume this cheese once the maggots have died, so, yeah, you are gonna get a little bit of squiggle.

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Remember that one cheese a slide back that was made from maggot larvae? This one is even yummier, being made from the excrement produced by mites. That’s right. Mites poop, and their poop becomes ooey, gooey cheese. Life is beautiful.

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Easy Cheese

This aerosol-based spray cheese product is so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget just how crazy it is. It’s cheese that you shoot out of a spray can like shaving cream or spray paint. It's also bright orange.

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In case you’ve ever wanted to taste the curdled byproduct of armpit and feet juice, here is your chance. This cheese is made from bacteria residing in those two locations, just how Mom used to make it.

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Sure, this cheese may look like a grapefruit, but it is most assuredly not a grapefruit. No, it’s another delicious byproduct of bug poop. What’s with all of this bug poop?! Cheese was weird enough back when it was just animal-boob juice.

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This cheese, made from donkey’s milk, doesn’t seem too crazy on first blush. However, once you factor in the ludicrous price of donkey’s milk it gets pretty kooky. All told, a pound of this stuff will set you back a cool $1,700.

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Charcoal Cheese

You’ll never guess what the active ingredient in this cheese is. No, it’s not plain old coal. It’s plain old charcoal. Just like the source material, this cheese is black on the outside and black on the inside. Still, fans say it tastes quite good and not at all like burned carbon atoms.

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