World's Craziest Carnival Foods

It’s no secret that carnivals feature some of the unhealthiest, and most-awesome, foodstuffs known to mankind. But even these festive funtopias occasionally go too far. Here are some of the wackiest and strangest foods that'll have you tossing your triple-fried cookies all over that dang Gravitron.

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Deep-Fried Butter

Back in 2009, the Texas State Fair introduced the extremely reasonable and not-at-all unhealthy delicacy known as deep-fried butter. It’s actually steamed broccoli, but they named it deep-fried butter as a joke. Just kidding. It’s what the name implies: deep-fried balls of butter. Don’t worry. They offer grape and cherry versions so you can get those all-important fruits and veggies.

Deep-Fried Kool-Aid

Listen, if something can be deep-fried, then we owe it to ourselves as a society to go through with that act. Case in point: these balls of deep-fried Kool-Aid first seen at the San Diego County Fair. Somewhere, somehow, the Kool-Aid Man is having heart palpitations.

Fried Ice Cream Burger

When you think of awesome burger toppings, you probably think of tomato slices, American cheese or even bacon. You do not, however, let the thought of ice cream cross your mind, because that would be crazy. You are not crazy. Florida, on the other hand, is quite, uh, eccentric. As such, this cheeseburger topped with a scoop of fried ice cream fits right in there.

Spaghetti and Meatballs On a Stick

The Minnesota State Fair is known for being obsessed with placing food on sticks. However, spaghetti and meatballs might just be the strangest stick-poked creation. To make it easier to eat, the spaghetti is actually inside of the meatball. Also, of course, the whole thing is deep-fried because, well, why not? If the Lady and the Tramp had access to these, that scene would have played out plenty different.

Fried Beer

Beer is great and all, but it lacks a certain flair for oil and breading. This Texas State Fair delicacy put an end to all of that. This deep-fried beer is actually a sort of ravioli. The beer is packed in dough, fried and then topped with nacho cheese. Now you can get liver disease and heart disease at the same exact time. Yay!

Pickle Pops

You know those ice pops you used to eat as a kid that came in huge boxes of 40 or more? This frozen treat at the Kansas State Fair uses the same concept, except instead of delicious, frozen sugary fruit juice, it's briny, sour pickle juice. Yum? One would imagine it would go perfectly with a deep-fried pastrami sandwich.

Chocolate-Covered Scorpions and Crickets

Sure, the very notion of eating a poisonous scorpion may be enough to make you feel existential dread, but what if it was covered with heaps of chocolate? Everybody loves chocolate! Hey, at least these scorpions featured at the Arizona State Fair aren't not deep-fried.

Caramel Apples Covered in Mealworms

The Arizona State Fair seems to treat eating as more of an endless dare than a purely enjoyable experience. Here is your garden-variety caramel apple, only covered with dozens of mealworms. This "treat" could ruin more childhoods than the Star Wars prequels.


Sure, you’ve heard of Octomom, but what about her faithful pet, octodog? This many-tentacled and porky creation oozed into the Iowa State Fair several years ago, and it’s continued to be an inexplicable hit ever since. This is the perfect "gateway drug" to get your kids into eating fair food. Next stop, caramel apples covered in worms.

Chicken-Fried Bacon

Let's just sit back and admire what we are looking at for a moment. Chicken. Fried. Bacon. This is the most Southern-sounding dish of all time, and yet it hails from Hawaii, the land of healthy surfers and stuff. Maui County Fair, you've captured a nation's hearts (and filled them with cholesterol).



Deep-Fried White Castle Burgers

Nothing says "I've completely given up" like sitting down to a meal comprised of deep-fried White Castle sliders. Not even Harold and Kumar would slide down that slippery slope. Neil Patrick Harris might, though.

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