Easy Birthday Cakes

Kelsey shows how by using store-bought ingredients you can create an ice cream cake filled with customized layers.

How to Make Your Own Ice Cream Cake

The Most Unique Sweets

The show that highlights the most innovative bakeries across America features exciting desserts that fans can make at home.

Watch + Learn: Peanut Butter Pie Fudge

(If Your) Lips Like Sugar

Candy Creations

Make Wonka-worthy treats like hard candies, chocolate bars and layered fudge.
Pomegranate-Lime Lollipops

Chocolate + Peanut Butter

Creamy and chunky, salty and sweet, nutty and rich: true pairing perfection.
No-Bake PB Pie

Apple of My Pie

Topped with tasty morsels or baked into a pastry, apples are the perfect dessert fruit.
Alton's Baked Apples

Dessert For Breakfast

Start your day on a sweet note with sinfully sticky breads and baked goods.
Raspberry-Ricotta Crepes

Fried Dough? Nuts!

Inventive doughnuts have taken over the food scene –– for good, sugary reason.
PB-Filled Banana Fritters

Aw, Puddin'

Stale bread + a medley of sweet ingredients = one irresistible custard
Cinnamon Roll Pudding

Fair-Y Decadent

Whip up your own funnel cake, caramel apples and other carnival-inspired foods.
Banana Split Funnel Cake

Favorite Global Goodies

Trip out your taste buds with some of the most iconic international desserts.
Salted Caramel Macarons

Citrus Sweets

Pucker up for the most tantalizing tangy-sweet recipes to hit the dessert bar.
Lemon Bars Recipe

The Fruits of Summer

These seasonal hits are ripe for the picking and delectable dessert making.
Peach Cobbler Recipe