The Country's Craziest Doughnuts

It's that time of year again: doughnut season. Wait. Scratch that. Every time of year is doughnut season. Every time of day is doughnut time. Every waking minute is a doughnut minute. You get the drift. Doughnuts rule. Some doughnuts, however, are just plain strange. Here are some of the country's wildest and wackiest doughnuts (past and present).

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The Dead Elvis: Psycho Donuts — San Jose, Calif.

This doughnut should be called What Killed Elvis rather than The Dead Elvis. Anyone with even the most-rudimentary knowledge of the King can guess this doughnut is filled with creamy custard and topped with peanut butter, bacon and bananas. It’s a hunka hunka burning calories.

Via: Seasoning and Salt

The Devil’s Death Dance: Hypnotic Donuts — Dallas

File this doughnut under "too crazy to actually eat." It's topped with all manner of fiery hot peppers, from habanero to the dreaded ghost pepper.

Via: Dallas News

Marshall Mathers: Voodoo Doughnut — Portland, Ore.

If you're eating a doughnut named after Eminem, you’d expect it to somehow honor the source material. Voodoo Doughnut does so by dipping a cake doughnut in vanilla frosting and then covering every inch of it with M&M's.

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Life’s a Beach: O'doodleDoo's — Suffolk, Va.

This doughnut looks so much like a beach setting that you can almost feel the sand settling into your shoes and not leaving for several months.

Via: Fox News

Rosemary Olive Oil: Fonuts — Los Angeles

Fonuts has a mission: to bring savory doughnuts into the cultural lexicon. One of their signature items is the Rosemary Olive Oil doughnut, which, well, is a doughnut that tastes like you are about to sit down to a nice dinner, only without the food and with plenty of the herbs and stuff used to cook the food.

Get the Recipe: Rosemary Olive Oil Fonut

Black Licorice: Dun-Well Doughnuts — Brooklyn

Dun-Well's hook is they serve only vegan doughnuts, which are as decadent and delicious as any egg-filled variety. They also buck trends by trying to make a doughnut out of one of the world's most-divisive candies, black licorice. For fans only. 


Via: Dun-Well Doughnuts

Foie Gras: Do or Dine — Brooklyn, New York

This sugar-dusted delicacy looks, from the outside, like your standard cream-filled doughnut. Once you dig in, however, you'll find fatty duck liver instead of cream. Uh, yay? Sure, why not. Yay. 


Via: Itinerant Foodies

Grilled Cheese: Tom + Chee — All Over

Sure, you could eat your grilled cheese sandwiches like a normal person, using slices of something called bread. But what fun would that be? Popular chain Tom + Chee will make you one out of a glazed doughnut. To your health.

Via: Tastespotting

Cronut: Dominique Ansel Bakery — New York City

The one and only Cronut started a dessert hybridization craze that continues to this day. Half doughnut, half croissant, all worth waiting in line in the snow for two hours.

Via: The Man Repeller

Porkey's: Gourdough’s — Austin

You might want to be sitting down before reading about this one. The Porkey's from Austin's Gourdough's is topped with an entire layer of Canadian bacon, jalapeno jelly and, of course, gobs of cream cheese. Bring a knife and a fork to this one.

Via: Om Nomz Hero

Boss Hog: Gourdough’s — Austin

Gourdough's has so many crazy doughnuts that they deserve a second mention on this list. Their Boss Hog is topped with, ha, mounds of pulled pork, potato salad and honey BBQ sauce. It's everything you need to make your backyard barbecue memorable, plus a doughnut.


Via: Gourdough's

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