How-To: Lattice Apple Sheet Pie

Get tips for working with this pie's unique homemade dough.

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Prep the Pastry Bag

Make a cuff in your pastry bag before filling it: Hold the piping bag with one hand, and use your other hand to flip the top third of the piping bag inside out, over the hand that is holding it. This will help keep your bag open and the edge clean.

Get the Recipe: Lattice Apple Sheet Pie

Carefully Add Your Dough

Use a rubber spatula to add the dough to the piping bag, a little at a time. Swipe your spatula across the hand that’s holding the bag to make sure all the filling gets inside.

Pipe the Dough

Twist the end of the bag and hold it tightly between your thumb and index finger. Then, use your palm to slowly push the dough toward the piping tip.

Press Down the Dough

Press the dough down into the piping bag to get rid of any remaining air bubbles.

Options: Piping Bag or Resealable Zipper Bag

If you don’t have a piping bag and tip, a resealable zipper bag is a perfectly fine replacement. Just cut the hole slightly smaller than 1/4 inch — the hole will stretch a little during piping.

Prep the Resealable Bag

If you are using a resealable bag instead of a piping bag, snip off a little bit of the end with kitchen shears. Start with a small hole; plastic stretches, and you can always cut a bigger hole later on if you need to.

Work with Your Hands

Start your piping tip a little over the crust’s crimped edge. Push the dough out with the palm of your hand to create an even, diagonal strip across your pie filling.

Pipe Parallel Dough

Continue piping parallel lines of dough 1 1/2 inches apart. Use your other hand to keep your piping bag steady.

Repeat in the Opposite Direction

Rotate your pan 90 degrees and repeat the process, this time piping lines that are perpendicular to the first layer.