Thanksgiving Tart Recipes

No time for pie? Try one of these simpler tarts –– stacked with fruit or spread with chocolate and whipped cream –– to end the holiday meal.

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Chocolate Apricot Tart

For a dessert that combines the flavors of chocolate pudding and cookies (a guaranteed crowd-pleaser), try this simple tart with a grown-up secret: a smear of brandy-soaked apricots. The press-in crust and quick chocolate filling promise easy prep too.

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Upside-Down Pear Cranberry Tart

This rustic tart gets its origins from the French apple tarte Tatin, and it can be a beautiful alternative to classic American apple pie. You don't even need a pie tin — and if you feel like it, you can just use premade dough.

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Honey-Glazed Apple Pear Tart

Apples and pears meld in harmony on top of this sweet and buttery honeyed tart from Kelsey Nixon.

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Walnut Tart

This cool cousin of pecan pie is crunchy and creamy, rich and dense, and super sweet.

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Apple Galette

A galette is a French tart (or simply a pie without a plate), so there's no fancy fluting or lattice-top crust to worry about. You can mix and match the apples to suit your mood, and it adds to the drama if some of the juices escape — just be sure to bake on a sided baking sheet.

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Maple Buttermilk Tart

This tart is easier than pie — you have to roll out only one crust. Compact and elegant, it may seem small at only 8 inches, but it's very rich and filling.

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Free-Form Apple-Pear-Cranberry Tart

Full of sweet and tangy flavor, this fuss-free tart makes for a beautiful centerpiece — serve it with ice cream to really wow guests.

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David Rocco's Torta Di Ricotta

Ricotta, whipped cream and bittersweet chocolate are topped with tender poached pears for an amazing apple pie alternative.

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Quick Pear Tart

Sunny Anderson combines the best of both worlds — salty and sweet — to create this super-simple tart filled with pears and cheddar.

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Chocolate-Hazelnut Tart

This foolproof recipe starts with store-bought pie crust and requires one step: Mix all ingredients (including chocolate chips and chopped hazelnuts), fill crust and bake for an impressive, rich dessert that practically makes itself.

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The World-Famous Tarte Tatin

You can serve this golden puff pastry with a spoonful of creme fraiche or whipped cream, but Jamie loves the contrast between the warm tart and cold ice cream.

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Pear and Cranberry Crostata

A tasty surprise awaits guests when they bite into this tart: a layer of sweet, airy almond cream sandwiched between the fruit and freeform crust.

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Apple Tarte Tatin

Guests will flip for Kelsey's inverted tarte Tatin, which puts the focus on the beautiful apple slices nestled into billowing puff pastry.

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Double-Chocolate Tart

Thanksgiving is no time to forget about the chocolate lovers. Help them get their fix with Aida's recipe for a double-chocolate tart.

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Cranberry-Ginger Tart with Cardamom Crumbles

This zippy tart is best baked one day ahead and left overnight at room temperature. Serve it with pistachio ice cream to really impress guests.

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