Thanksgiving Inspiration Board Project

Cooking Channel asked 17 of our favorite food bloggers and stylists to tell us what's inspiring their Thanksgiving planning this year.

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When it comes to the fall, particularly Thanksgiving, Caitlyn draws inspiration from one word: warmth. For her feast, she focuses on finding ways to make the meal healthier, like serving her carrot cake for dessert. Here it's served swaddled in a rustic white linen tea towel. View her Thanksgiving inspiration board here.

Sweet Fine Day

As a multiracial and Asian-American family, Jenna and Mark's Thanksgiving meals are anything but traditional. There are flavors from Thanksgivings past, and they always work to establish new traditions to inspire future celebrations. Plus, nothing spices up a meal like a mix of cuisines and dishes on one table. View Jenna and Mark's Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

For Camille, Thanksgiving is about focusing on what really matters: family, friends and the most heartwarming comfort food. She ends the feast by offering up her own thank you, a to-go sweet dessert -- tied up in twine and accompanied by a cute wooden spoon. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Matt Bites

Matt and his partner, Adam, love Thanksgiving so much they host two Thanksgiving meals: a pre-run they call Friendsgiving as well as a giant meal on the big day. We also love the idea of hosting Leftover Potlucks. View his Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Cannelle Et Vanille

Aran is inspired for her Thanksgiving feast by what the season has to offer, like an apple and squash soup that's a little bit sweet, a little bit savory. Plate this in mismatched, vintage teacups which you can snag all year long at garage sales. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Zoe Bakes

Thanksgiving dinner isn't complete until dessert hits the table. Zoe looks for festive touches to bring to her desserts, including topping her pumpkin cheesecake with candied cranberries and other red fruits. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

What's Gaby Cooking

In Gaby's opinion, you can never have enough carbs at Thanksgiving. She'll be serving three potato dishes: There will be a Roasted Parmesan Potato dish, crisp Sweet Potato Fries and a Goat Cheese Potato Gratin. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Sprinkle Bakes

Roadside pumpkin stands, one of the first signs of fall, influence Heather's Thanksgiving planning. They herald the arrival of cool weather, changing leaves and warm spices in her baking. This year, she'll serve her Pumpkin Spice Latte Cheesecake. It has the all the delicious warmth and spice of a pumpkin pie but with the added decadence of cheesecake and subtle coffee flavor. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Running With Tweezers

Tami is thankful to be cooking her Thanksgiving meal in her wonderful new home, and to be able to provide nourishment (both literally and figuratively) for the people she loves. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.


Rubyellen's Thanksgiving will be extra special because she'll be welcoming a new baby into her family. But then again, she feels every Thanksgiving is extraordinary because there are so many blessings to be thankful for all year round. A sprinkle of cinnamon and festive holiday straws add a little whimsy. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Big Girls, Small Kitchens

As twenty-something cooks (also known as quarter-lifers), Phoebe and Cara's Thanksgiving means heading home and letting Mom do the cooking. But that doesn't mean they don't pitch in, whether it's slicing onions for the Semi-Sweet Potato Mash or taking over the stuffing responsibility altogether. View their Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Eat the Love

After missing the holiday one year, Irvin and his partner made a pact: Thanksgiving was to be their holiday. View his Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Crepes of Wrath

Sydney associates Thanksgiving with tradition, and no holiday meal would be complete without her mom's Chestnut, Sausage, and Apple Stuffing. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Not Without Salt

Each year, Ashley casually slides a dish into the mix that defies tradition. And though her grandma makes the best pumpkin pie around, she'll be exploring the combination of caramels and pears. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Savory Sweet Life

Alice's aunts always spend all day cooking both Korean and American dishes for Thanksgiving, acknowledging their own Korean ancestry and their children's American upbringing. This year, Alice will be hosting Thanksgiving for her family, including her mother, who will prepare the customary Korean dishes such as kalbi (barbequed short ribs), a variety of kimchi, japchae (Korean vermicelli noodle dish) and traditional corn tea. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Spoon Fork Bacon

As food stylists and photographers, Jennifer and Teri appreciate when food looks really pretty. They advise picking plates that fit your food nicely. Consider the color of your plate, and how it will match up with the food you serve on it. View their Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

Steamy Kitchen

Jaden finds inspiration for Thanksgiving from all around her. Her favorite way to reinvent turkey leftovers is her recipe for Turkey Congee Rice Porridge. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.

La Tartine Gourmande

French expat Béatrice gathers inspiration from her rural childhood, the beautiful fall surrounding her current New England home, and her family's combined heritages. To surprise and delight guests — and brighten up the fall table — she'll serve this celeriac, red cabbage and apple tabbouleh salad. View her Thanksgiving Inspiration Board here.