How-To: Creamed-Onion Pie with Herbed Cracker Crust

Get tips for working with this pie's unique homemade dough.

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©2014, Cooking Channel

©2014, Cooking Channel

Trace with a Plate

To create a guide for rolling out your pie dough, trace your pie plate onto a piece of parchment with a pencil.

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Roll with it

Flip the parchment over and roll the dough an inch past the penciled guide.

Flatten It

Before rolling, press down on your dough with your rolling pin to flatten it. Thick dough is hard to roll out evenly.

Guarantee a Flaky Finish

Handle the dough as little as possible to keep it flaky and tender — overworking the dough will develop extra gluten in the flour and result in a tough, breadlike texture.