How to Wash and Chop Herbs

Learn the basics of washing and chopping herbs by flipping through this guide, then watch our how-to video.

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How-To: Wash and Chop Herbs

Add color and kick to your recipes with leafy herbs, like cilantro and parsley.

Give Them a Spin

To wash and prep herbs, get out your salad spinner and follow our easy steps.

Shave Off the Leaves

With herbs, you usually want the leaves and can discard the stems. So first, shave the leaves off a parsley bunch and drop them into some cold water.

Swirl It

Swirl the herbs to remove dirt. Dirt settles to the bottom of the bowl. If there's a lot, repeat this step with new water.

Dry the Herbs

Next, hit the spin cycle. If you don't have a salad spinner, just pat the herbs dry with a clean towel. Now you're ready to chop.

Using a Mezzaluna

If you have a mezzaluna, this is the time to use it, or you can also just use a knife. For the mezzaluna, hold each of the handles and rock back and forth.

Rough Chop

Rough-chopped herbs are perfect for salads and marinades. You should still see the shape of the leaves at this stage.

Medium Chop

Put one hand on the top of the knife and move it along the herbs for a medium chop. Use the heel of the knife to gather your herbs. A medium cut is perfect for pastas, potatoes, rice and vegetables.

Fine Chop

A fine chop is more of the same. Continue moving your knife along the herbs to chop into even smaller pieces. You're looking for a uniform consistency that's perfect for dressings or garnish.