How-To: Mulled Cranberry Hand Pies

Get tips for working with this pie's unique homemade dough.

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One at a Time

Cover the dough you are not working with, to keep it moist.

Get the Recipe: Mulled-Cranberry Hand Pies

Sharpen Your Knives

Use a sharp paring knife to divide your pie dough into quarters –– a dull knife will tear your dough instead of cutting it.

Pie Prep

Place the filling off-center, flatten it out a little and leave room on the edges for crimping –– you’ll probably need less filling than you’d think. Brush the edges with a little egg wash.

Pinch Makes Perfect

Fold the other half of the dough over the filling, and hold the triangle up so the filling is in your hand and the open ends are facing out. Pinch the ends together, making sure to push out any air bubbles.

The Finishing Touch

Crimp the edges with a fork.