Beer Cocktail and Drink Recipes


Turn your beer into a cocktail with our beer-based cocktail and drink recipes including micheladas, perky and tans and more.


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Beer Float Your Boat Cocktail

Alie and Georgia's indulgent ice cream and chocolate stout creation is the perfect excuse to ignore the rules and drink your beer with a straw.

Get the Recipe: Beer Float Your Boat Cocktail

Hop, Skip and Go Naked

Light, refreshing and just-fruity-enough, this beer-based libation tastes as fun as it sounds (and it comes with an extra ounce of booze).

Get the Recipe: Hop, Skip and Go Naked

Ruddy Mary

Bobby's boozy concoction is far from your average brunch fare. Most Rudy Marys come spiked with gin instead of vodka, but this one gets its kick from English dark ale.

Get the Recipe: Ruddy Mary

Bloody Bull

Think Bloody Mary, but with beer and a little bit of licorice to round it off — salty, peppery and oh-so-spicy!

Get the Recipe: Bloody Bull


What's the simplest way to spruce up a lager, Pilsner or light ale? All it takes is a salt-rimmed glass filled with ice and a touch of tart lime.

Get the Recipe: Chelada

Half and Half

Think of it as a not-so-distant cousin to the Black and Tan. Only difference? Switch out the pale ale for a lighter lager.

Get the Recipe: Half and Half


Enjoy Darryl's classic Mexican beer cocktail at brunch after work, or with dinner. Just make sure you're up for the heat, which it gets from a healthy dose of horseradish, black pepper and hot sauce.

Get the Recipe: Michelada

Tomato Beer Cocktail

A little fizz goes a long way in this tasty beer-based sip. Mix in milder beers, like Pilsners, so the hops don't clash with the tomato juice.

Get the Recipe: Tomato Beer or Red Rooster

Beerly Legal

What pairs with a hot dog? Beer, of course. Alie and Georgia serve up their Beerly Legal cocktail, mixing light beer with tangerine juice and orange liqueur to sweeten things up.

Get the Recipe: Beerly Legal

Shandy Summer Cocktail

Mix pale ale with lemon-lime soda for a refreshing, fizzy cocktail ideal for summer sipping.

Get the Recipe: Shandy Summer Cocktail

A Beer and a Ball Cocktail

Part bellini, part michelada, this beer cocktail is wholly awesome. Consider yourself warned, this sage-kissed drink has been called addictive from the first sip.

Get the Recipe: A Beer and a Ball

Perky Black and Tan

Believed to have been first concocted in a British pub back in the late 19th century, this pretty two-toned drink looks as artful as it tastes.

Get the Recipe: Perky Black and Tan

Ginger Rum Shandy

This drink is complete with spicy ginger, tangy lemon and just enough pale ale to round it all off with a hint of refreshing bubbles.

Get the Recipe: Ginger Rum Shandy