Chocolate Desserts

Indulge in our decadent chocolate desserts, from cookies and cakes to puddings, souffles and truffles.

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Peanut Butter Pie Fudge

A treat that would dazzle Willy Wonka himself, this nostalgia-inducing fudge –– invented by San Francisco candy shop Z. Cioccolato –– packs cookies, peanut butter, caramel, marshmallow, toffee and, of course, chocolate into one rich and satisfying finale.

Get the Recipe: Peanut Butter Pie Fudge

Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

This gooey dessert gets an extra boost of decadence from flaky croissants and a creamy bourbon-infused sauce.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding with Bourbon Ice Cream Sauce

Chocolate Truffle Cake

This recipe amps up famous baker Sarabeth Levine's already-decadent Chocolate Orange Cake by adding layers of whipped rich ganache and a chocolate glaze topping.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Truffle Cake

Cheesecake Brownies

Creamy cheesecake meets rich chocolate brownies in your new favorite dessert hybrid.

Get the Recipe: Cheesecake Brownies

Dark Chocolate Mousse

With a base made from silken tofu and high-quality chocolate, Ellie’s lightened-up mousse is low in calories, but rich in classic cocoa flavor.

Get the Recipe: Dark Chocolate Mousse

Craggy Chocolate Cake

Cocoa connoisseurs will go crazy for this four-ingredient cake and its fudgy interior that's made extra rich with 70 percent-cocoa dark chocolate. For serving, add whipped cream flavored with vanilla, rum or orange-flower water.

Get the Recipe: Craggy Chocolate Cake

Beatty's Chocolate Cake

Ina Garten's chocolate cake has a subtle mocha flavor thanks to the cup of freshly brewed coffee in the batter. But our favorite part of this recipe is the thick chocolate buttercream icing on top of the cake and between its layers.

Get the Recipe: Beatty's Chocolate Cake

Amaretto-Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts

Tyler gives fudgy, moist walnut brownies an adult twist by infusing them with almond liqueur. 

Get the Recipe: Amaretto Chocolate Brownies with Walnuts

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie

There's no denying that peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in dessert heaven. In an ode to the classic combo, this pie layers cocoa-infused whipped cream and a velvety peanut butter filling on top of a crunchy nut crust.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Chocolate Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Sheet cakes are one of the easiest and fastest ways to bake for a group. The party-perfect confection requires little prep and you can fashion it into petit fours or tiered cakes if you have extra time.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Warm Chocolate Cakes with Berries

Giada's restaurant-style dessert never fails to impress and is deceptively easy to prepare. For an extra punch of flavor, a dash of espresso powder and hazelnut liqueur are used. 

Get the Recipe: Warm Chocolate Cakes with Berries

Double Chocolate Pudding Pie

The combination of a crunchy, buttery graham cracker crust with velvety-smooth cocoa and bittersweet chocolate pudding is so satisfying that you won't even notice the filling is made with 1% milk.

Get the Recipe: Double Chocolate Pudding Pie

Chocolate Fondue

Mix and match your favorite dippers –– including berries, biscotti, cake, cookies and dried fruit –– to perfect this creamy, thick chocolate fondue.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Fondue

Black Bean Chocolate Cake

Ditch the flour without drying out the cake by combining cocoa powder with protein-packed black beans. Add an extra boost of flavor by finishing this fudgy creation with layers of buttermilk frosting.

Get the Recipe: Black Bean Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting

Chocolate-Banana Bread Pudding

Update classic bread pudding with these clever swaps, including fresh-baked banana bread and dark chocolate ganache. Top the lot with creme fraiche or a scoop of chocolate ice cream for a combination that is simply (chocolate) bananas.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding

Hazelnut and Chocolate Pie

Using the traditional Italian combination of chocolate and hazelnuts, Giada’s pie has the crisp, crackly crust of a brownie and the dense, gooey center of a tart.

Get the Recipe: Hazelnut and Chocolate Pie with Vanilla Whipped Cream

Dark Chocolate-Peppermint Pattie Cake

Peppermint Pattie fans will clamor over this super-rich cake, which actually has chunks of the candy in the batter. The refreshing mint flavor offers a nice balance to the intense ganache topping and fudge sauce.

Get the Recipe: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pattie Cake

Dad's Death by Chocolate

A chocolate lover's dream trifle, this dessert scatters cookies and toffee throughout layers of whipped cream and bittersweet chocolate pudding.

Get the Recipe: Dad's Death by Chocolate

Double-Chocolate Malted Tart

Aida's tart has a crisp crust of crushed chocolate wafer cookies and a smooth chocolate malted-milk filling for a double dose of cocoa.

Get the Recipe: Double Chocolate Malted Tart

Salted Caramel Brownies

Once you make homemade salted caramel, there's no turning back. You'll drizzle it on everything — especially these warm brownies.

Get the Recipe: Salted Caramel Brownies

Triple-Chocolate Pudding

The chocolate lover's triumvirate, this airy concoction has a triple dose of the sweet stuff: bittersweet and white chocolate as well as Dutch-processed cocoa powder.

Get the Recipe: Triple Chocolate Pudding

Cocoa Brownies

Alton keeps it classic with his simple recipe for rich, chewy, moist chocolate brownies. Consider these your new staple.

Get the Recipe: Cocoa Brownies

Chocolate Cream Puffs

Don't let the light and airy texture of these little puffs fool you — a chocolate ganache and a raspberry filling make them incredibly rich.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cream Puffs

Chocolate Cake

Rachel Allen's chocolate cake is the perfect basic recipe. With a little imagination, you can easily adapt it, too: Add orange zest or coffee powder for different flavors, or make cupcakes for a twist on presentation.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cake

Moelleux au Chocolat

When you cut into Laura Calder's popular molten chocolate cake, it oozes sinfully dark melted chocolate. Plated with a thick caramel sauce, this dessert is pure indulgence.

Get the Recipe: Moelleux au Chocolat

Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries

What does this chocolate mousse have in common with your favorite breakfast food? They both are packed with avocado. Don't worry — the cacao powder, agave nectar, molasses and almond extract make sure your dessert doesn't taste like a toast topping.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries

Chocolate and Caramel Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

Chuck's sandwiches feature rich caramel and creamy dark chocolate ganache between flaky, buttery shortbread cookies.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate and Caramel Shortbreads

Flourless Chocolate-Almond Cake

Due to the absence of flour, this chocolate cake is supremely rich, creamy and, incidentally, gluten-free.

Get the Recipe: Flourless Chocolate-almond Cake

Chocolate Pudding

Skip the powder-in-a-box route — you can make rich chocolate pudding with ingredients you already have in your pantry.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Pudding

Dipped Chocolate Anything

Pretzels, cookies, crackers, fresh fruit or dried — you name it, and you can dip it in chocolate. Using a double boiler, Mark Bittman shows you how.

Get the Recipe: Dipped Chocolate Anything

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Stout's distinct chocolate and coffee notes make it the perfect beer for baking. These rich, moist chocolate cupcakes are topped with cream cheese icing, making them resemble a dark mug with a frothy white head.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Cookies and Cream Fudge Brownies

These moist, chewy brownies are delightfully decorated with pieces of everyone's favorite sandwich cookie.

Get the Recipe: Cookies and Cream Fudge Brownies

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies With Maldon Sea Salt

The ground oats in this crispy-chewy cookie add an interesting depth of flavor, while the use of sea salt and bittersweet chocolate create the perfect sweet and salty contrast.

Get the Recipe: Mini Bittersweet Chocolate Chip Cookies with Flaky Sea Salt

Sweet and Salty Cake

This signature cake at NYC's popular bakery Baked is the shop's most requested recipe. The alternating layers of rich chocolate and salted caramel simultaneously satisfy all your taste buds.

Get the Recipe: Sweet and Salty Cake

Chocolate Cherry Trifle

Layers of chocolate pound cake, black cherry jam, sour cherries and cherry brandy form an incredibly rich trifle that's beautiful to behold — perfect for serving at a dinner party or to cap off any holiday meal.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cherry Trifle

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Almond flour and a generous glug of olive oil give this Italian cake its dense, fudgy texture. It tastes ideal with a cup of strong coffee.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

New York Style Chocolate Cheesecake

Emeril's picture-perfect cheesecake has a crisp chocolate wafer crust and packs eight ounces of decadent, melted semisweet chocolate.

Candy Bar Chocolate Brownies

These one-bowl brownies gain sweetness and texture from broken-up bits of nougat candy bars.

Get the Recipe: Candy Bar Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Espresso Cookies

A powdery coating of confectioners' sugar makes these dark, fudgy espresso-chocolate cookies look like they've been lightly dusted in just-fallen snow.

Get the Recipe: David Rocco's Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Pie

With a chilled, fluffy peanut-butter filling floating on top of a crushed chocolate cookie crust and a smooth chocolate glaze, Emeril's pie makes for one delicious dessert.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet's cocoa-spiked cake suits chocolate and vanilla lovers alike. Top these cupcakes with an ice-cream-scooped dollop of mascarpone frosting for a richer, more whimsical take on the crowd-pleaser.

Get the Recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Chocolate Amaretti Cake

Ground almonds and amaretti cookies lend their distinct flavor to this cake's batter, which has subtle citrus notes thanks to grated orange peels.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Amaretti Cake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars

These moist, dense and chewy blondies have just enough peanut butter and chocolate flavor without overwhelming the base vanilla flavor.

Get the Recipe: Thick and Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars

Chocolate Chip and Mascarpone Cupcakes

A rich mascarpone and chocolate cupcake with chunks of semisweet chocolate shouldn't be topped with mere icing, but a velvety chocolate ganache instead.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Chip and Mascarpone Cupcakes

Espresso Chocolate Mousse

This velvety-smooth chocolate mousse from Giada gets a kick from espresso powder, and it's made even richer with a dollop of mascarpone topping.

Get the Recipe: Espresso Chocolate Mousse with Orange Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Tangy dried cherries are the perfect addition to these soft, chocolatey cookies.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Red Velvet Cake

This classic cocoa and cream cheese frosting cake is perfect for Valentine's Day, holidays or, really, any ol' day.

Get the Recipe: Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Cloud Cookies

Why should cakes have all the fun? These rich chocolate cookies are topped with a dollop of fudge frosting, making them bite-sized indulgences.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cloud Cookies

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salty, savory bacon is the perfect surprising ingredient to shake up classic chocolate chip cookies.

Get the Recipe: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hot Fudge Sauce

You can turn any dessert into a rich, chocolatey delight by topping it with this perfect hot fudge sauce.

Get the Recipe: Hot Fudge Sauce

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Dough with cocoa powder, chili powder and cayenne pepper transforms the beverage into sweet and spicy cookies.

Get the Recipe: Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Emeril's Chocolate Soufflé

Emeril's fluffy soufflé gets a subtle punch of flavor from orange-flavored liqueur. Warm chocolate sauce and a light dusting of confectioners' sugar are the finishing touches.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Souffle

Mint Thins

Lovers of that mint-and-chocolate Girl Scout cookie won't be able to tell that these aren't the real deal.

Get the Recipe: Mint Thins

Hostess with the Most-ess Cupcakes

Zac Young remakes those classic packaged chocolate cupcakes and gives his a sophisticated twist with an artful drizzle rather than a squiggly line.

Get the Recipe: Hostess with the Most-ess Cupcakes

My Big, Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Those who think bigger is better when it comes to chocolate chip cookies will appreciate Tyler Florence's jumbo-sized treats, which maintain their chewy texture.

Get the Recipe: My Big, Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Like your chocolate with a little heat? With chili powder, cinnamon and espresso, this hot chocolate will set your mouth on fire — and give you a little kick in the pants.

Get the Recipe: Hot Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream Dusted with Chili Powder

Lighter Brownies

With half the calories and one-quarter the fat of a normal brownie, these squares allow you to indulge while cutting back.

Get the Recipe: Lighter Brownies

Spiked Date and Fudge Balls

Darker, denser and chewier than a truffle, these spiked balls possess a rich bourbon flavor.

Get the Recipe: Spiked Date and Fudge Balls

Dreamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Hungry Girl's fudge gains moisture from canned pumpkin and, with light chocolate syrup and reduced-fat peanut butter, possesses great flavor without all the additional calories.

Get the Recipe: Dreamy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Snickerdoodle Cookie Pizza

Chocolate lovers won't be able to resist this cookie pizza, topped with chocolate ganache, brownie chunks, chocolate chips and a drizzle of raspberry syrup.

Get the Recipe: Snickerdoodle Cookie Pizza

Chocolate Truffles

You need only three ingredients to make these supremely rich chocolate truffles.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cups

This stunning dessert may take a little effort, but the payoff — edible chocolate cups filled with a smooth espresso-chocolate mousse and drizzled with raspberry sauce — is well worth it. An added bonus: The whole thing is entirely vegan.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Mousse served in Edible Chocolate Dessert Cups with Raspberry Sauce

Almond Butter Brownies

You'll never guess the secret ingredient in these decadent, fudgy brownies: pureed prunes. The fruit gives an unexpected depth of flavor, and a sprinkling of coarse sea salt on top balances out the sweetness.

Get the Recipe: Almond Butter Brownies

Chocolate Hazelnut Zeppole

Whether you use homemade or store-bought pizza dough, the star here is chocolate-hazelnut spread. Pipe it inside the zeppole (aka Italian doughnuts) or just dunk plain zeppole in a vat of the spread.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Hazelnut Zeppole

German Chocolate Cake

Gussy up boxed cake mix with sweetened condensed milk, chopped pecans and shredded coconut — no one will know it's not 100 percent homemade.

Get the Recipe: German Chocolate Cake

Chocolate-Hazelnut Crispy Rice Bars

Your favorite childhood lunchbox snack gets a serious upgrade with chocolate-hazelnut spread and marshmallow creme sandwiched between two sheets of crispy rice bars.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Hazelnut Crispy Rice Bars

Chocolate Sformato With Amaretto Whipped Cream

Giada's gorgeous, light and airy cake is delicately flavored with bittersweet chocolate and almond liqueur, and it's decorated with toasted sliced almonds.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Sformato with Amaretto Whip Cream

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake

When both a cake and its chocolate frosting are loaded with heavy cream and sugar, you know it's going to be good. This recipe will earn you a first-place ribbon but may put you in a sugar coma.

Get the Recipe: Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake

Double Chocolate Cake

Add some nutritional value to chocolate cake with coconut oil. Then make things decadent again with Rev Run's chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Get the Recipe: Double Chocolate Cake