Dessert Recipes That Use Up Easter Peeps

Easter is Peeps season. But don't settle for eating the sweet treats straight up & reinvent Peeps into new dessert recipes, including Easter Peeps bark, Peep blondies and more.

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Peep Kebabs

Alternate Peeps with your favorite fruits (be sure to mix up colors and flavors as you go) on skewers and you've got Peep kebabs. You could even give them a go on the grill.

Rocky Road Blondies

Turn your favorite blondie recipe into Rocky Road Blondies by topping the bars with a layer of Peeps.

Get the recipe here.

Peep Fondue

Make your own chocolate-covered Peeps by dipping the sugary candy in a pot of melted chocolate.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Fondue

Easter Candy Bark

Put your Easter basket candy to work: Our recipe for Easter candy bark uses up leftover white-chocolate bunnies, Peeps and more holiday candies.

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Peep Lemon Tart

Peeps step in for meringue in your favorite lemon tart. Under the broiler, those cute little marshmallow bunnies transform into caramelized perfection.

Get the recipe here.

Peepin' It Real Cocktail

Don't be fooled by their sweetness. Peeps party hard with absinthe in this cocktail from Alie and Georgia.

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Easter Dessert Peep-za

Peeps on a pizza? That’s just gross. But Peeps on a pizza-like dessert — that is amazing.

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