Fancy Super Bowl Snacks Made with Convenience Store Ingredients

Let’s say that, for whatever reason, you’ve found yourself playing last-minute host for a Super Bowl party, and you don’t have time to do a big supermarket run. Have no fear. All you need to do is hit your closest gas station convenience store — where we bought all the ingredients for these snack recipes, which are as tasty as they are convenient. Just be sure to make a lot of them; they might be gone before the first commercial break. 

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Corn Chip-Crusted Fried Ravioli

What's better than deep-fried food during the Super Bowl? Deep-fried food with a batter made of salty corn chips. Bonus: They're super fast and made with ravioli from a can.

Get the Recipe: Corn Chip-Crusted Fried Ravioli

Chicken Popcorn

Here's a recipe so simple, you could probably make it during a commercial break between plays. But if you don't want to miss the TV spots (after all, you'll want to share your favorites around the water cooler on Monday), no problem: This takes just two minutes!

Get the Recipe: Chicken Popcorn

Fun and Oniony Mac and Cheese Bites

Crispy, cheesey and loaded with onion flavor — we transformed the Southern side dish into one-bite hors d'oeuvres so you can pop 'em and keep an eye on the big game at the same time.

Get the Recipe: Fun and Oniony Mac and Cheese Bites

Fish in a Pond

Here's a grown-up version of the kids' favorite Worms in Dirt dessert that's served in shot glasses. It could substitute for a real shot in a Super Bowl drinking game, especially for anyone who has a sweet tooth-or is the designated driver.

Get the Recipe: Fish in a Pond

Crispy Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Football Dummies

Training for football involves a lot of pushing and jumping over football dummies. But if they were made out of crispy rice cereal bars coated in chocolate, you'd do none of that; you'd just devour them.

Get the Recipe: Crispy Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Football Dummies

Pigs in a Pigskin

It's funny that one of the monikers for a football is a pigskin, when pork rinds have nothing to do with it. So, just for fun, we decided to put some piggies in pigskin (instead of a blanket, which makes no sense either).

Get the Recipe: Pigs in a Pigskin

French Onion Chili

No soup for you? Have some chili instead; it's heartier. We've even Frenchified it with some mozzarella sticks and onion-flavored rings. C'est bon!

Get the Recipe: French Onion Chili

Nacho Chip-Battered Flautas

What makes a mozzarella stick fancy? When you call it a cheese flauta. What makes it even more delicious? Nacho cheese chips. This is not'cho ordinary mozzarella stick!

Get the Recipe: Nacho Chip-Battered Flautas

Nutty and Beefy Football Cookies

What's a football party without cookies in the shape of footballs? But there's no need to bake. Just pick up some peanut butter sandwich cookies in the shape of big flat peanuts. You can carve them into the ball shape and julienne the meat sticks into laces.

Get the Recipe: Nutty and Beefy Football Cookies

Sweet and Smoky Saltines

Who says you can't get a complex flavor profile from a gas station? Here's an hors d'oeuvre that's salty, sweet and smoky in every bite.

Get the Recipe: Sweet and Smoky Saltines