Food to Celebrate Groundhog Day

The most important day of the entire year is almost upon us. The day in which a groundhog, through some kind of anthropomorphic sorcery, tells us how much winter we have left. Believe it or not, many people celebrate this holiday by making groundhog-inspired food. Here are some of our favorites.

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1. Pancakes

Sure, these groundhog-shaped pancakes can’t use psychic powers to predict seasonal shifts, but they are pretty darned cute.

Via: Babble

2. Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a staple dish of England. No groundhog in the history of groundhog-dom has ever even been to England. Seems shady enough for spring to come early.

Via: Anne Marcel

3. Cookies

Don’t let the cute look on these cookies fool you. If you eat too many of them you won’t be seeing your feet when you look down for six more weeks.

Via: Kismet, Art & Life

4. Another Cookie

This cute groundhog’s face is made from chocolate chips and raisins. Chips and raisins living on the same cookie together? We’d like to drink to world peace.

Via: No Telly, No Trouble

5. Brownie Cake

The eyes on this one look eerily real. Bill Murray could spend weeks chasing this brownie around a golf course.

Via: Deviant Art

6. Cupcakes

Whereas the cupcake is most certainly a cake in a cup, is the groundhog really a hog in the ground? They don’t seem particularly hoglike.

Via: Crazy Beautiful Cakes

7. Pizza

Oh, pizza –– your doughy ability to take on just about any shape makes you a shoo-in for this list.

Via: Anne Marcel

8. Groundhog Made out of Groundhog

This porky creation features spaghetti for whiskers and rests on a bed of cabbage. Also, it looks pretty unappetizing.

Via: Food Republic

9. Candy

These chocolate bars put the “Yes. Want u!” in P-u-n-x-s-u-t-a-w-n-e-y.

Via: The Food in My Beard

10. Potato

Groundhogs spend most of their time underground. So do potatoes. It’s a match made in heaven –– or Idaho.

Via: Pinterest

11. Terrifying Meatloaf

How much meat could a woodchuck loaf if a woodchuck could loaf meat? This much, apparently.

Via: WriteChic