Mad Men-Style Retro Cocktails

Cooking Channel has all the retro cocktails you need for your Mad Men premiere party, and to drink all season long.

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Photo By: Stephen Murello ©Stephen Murello

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Old Fashioned

Hold the Don Draper classic (an Old Fashioned) in one hand, and all you'll be missing is the cigarette.

Get the Recipe: Don's Old Fashioned

Side Car Martini

The Limoncello and fresh lime give this martini a glamorous twist. It's a sweet and sour delight that's perfect for neighborhood gossip and scandal.

Get the Recipe: Side Car Martini

Kir Royale

Bubbly and refreshing, this fruit-filled cocktail makes for the perfect toast.

Get the Recipe: Kir Royales

Michael's Bloody Maria

Take Don's cue: This brunch cocktail is the perfect hangover cure and provides a tasty excuse to keep the party going from the night before.

Get the Recipe: Michael's Bloody Maria

Betty (Draper) Beautiful Martini

As the name suggests, these drinks are just as beautiful as they are sweet — just like dear Betty.

Get the Recipe: Betty Beautiful Martini

Long Island Iced Tea

Though deceptively sweet, Long Island Iced Teas are strong. They'll have the women kicking off their stilettos and the men loosening their skinny ties in no time.

Get the Recipe: Long Island Iced Tea

Roasted Garlic Martini

Suitable for a toast amongst executives, the bold flavor from the garlic and spices will have you feeling like Don Draper himself.


This refreshing cocktail is the perfect pairing for retro-inspired appetizers.

Get the Recipe: Mojito


Also known as the "drinking man's cocktail," the Manhattan will help party guests imbibe like those inebriated admen. Mix it up by adding oranges and bitters.

Get the Recipe: Michael's Italian Manhattan

Slimmed-Down Strawberry Daiquiri

The housewives of Sterling Cooper would have given these waistline-friendly daiquiris their approval. The drinks will go quickly, so have the ice crushed and ready!

Get the Recipe: Slammin' Slimmed-Down Strawberry Daiquiri

The Gibson

Served in a tall martini glass and garnished with pickled onions, The Gibson is a timeless, foolproof.

Get the Recipe: Emeril's Gibson