15 Passover Recipes That Won't Make You Miss Leaven

Liven up your Passover meals with recipes for truffle-matzo ball soup, savory matzo brei, flourless chocolate cake and more.

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Seven Layer Cake for Passover

No Jewish holiday is complete without a towering seven layer cake; why should Passover be any different? Made of poppy seed-studded orange-scented sponge cake and topped with chocolate buttercream, this dessert makes up in flavor what it lacks in leavening agents.

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Throwdown's Matzo Ball Soup

Bobby Flay's matzo balls are anything but airy, flavored by both chives and dill and given heft with some chicken fat. The soup stock is similarly complex and subtly spicy, thanks to roasted jalapenos.

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Noodle Kugel

In this casserole, Passover-friendly egg noodles are filled with sweet raisins and creamy cottage cheese, then subtly spiced with cinnamon.

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Matzo Brei With Creamed Spinach and Crispy Onions

Treat your matzo brei like any old egg breakfast: Start with spinach and cheese (Boursin, if you ask Sara Moulton). Then make it your own, adding in mushrooms, tomatoes and more.

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Chocolate-Coconut Macaroons

The browned, slightly crispy exterior of homemade macaroons trumps the mushy canned variety every single time. These simple coconut-chocolate treats require only 5 ingredients and 40 minutes of your time.

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Flourless Chocolate-Almond Cake

Layers of flourless chocolate-almond cake and bittersweet ganache meet fresh berries and chocolatey goodness in blogger Zoey Francois' decadent Passover dessert.

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Truffled Shiitake Matzo Ball Soup

Add an elegant twist to this Passover and year-round favorite by adding shiitake mushrooms and truffle oil to light, fluffy matzo balls.

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Matzo Apple Tea Cakes

Loaded with chunks of sweet-tart Granny Smith apples and sprinkled with cinnamon, these addictive little cakes are perfect for a fresh-out-of-the-oven breakfast or a filling afternoon snack.

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Matzo Brei

For those who stand on the simple-and-savory side of the matzo brei debate, this egg and butter brei requires few ingredients and even less time to prepare. Eat the browned pieces as is, or sweeten the lot with maple syrup or preserves.

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Chocolate Macaroons

It's no wonder that Nigella's chewy, chocolatey macaroons are so dangerously addictive. Luckily, you can also make them quickly and easily.

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Passover Cobbler

Sweet, cinnamon-speckled fruit is topped with a sugary crust and served fresh out of the oven in this Passover-friendly cobbler. Optional, but encouraged: pairing it with a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream.

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Chocolate Matzo Farfel Haystacks

Turn the broken matzo bits into kosher-for-Passover candy clusters by melting mounts of chocolate, nuts and dried fruit with the toasted pieces.

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Chicken Liver Mousse

In classic delicatessan style, Alton's fragrant chicken liver mousse is ready for spreading on matzo at the seder or throughout Passover week.

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Coconut Macaroons

These are not your ordinary store-bought macaroons: Master baker Sarabeth Levine's cookies are plump, chewy and very moist because the mixture absorbs the sugary syrup. For the best flavor, use unsweetened shredded coconut, available at natural food stores, rather than sweetened coconut flakes.

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Chocolate-Chile Cake

Kick dessert up a notch by adding fiery chiles to your recipe. (As if rich chocolate cake needed any amplification.)

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