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Lemon-Basil Orzotto

Simple to make but impressive enough for entertaining, this twist on risotto is a favorite of Kelsey Nixon's and fans alike.

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Chicken or Steak with Balsamic BBQ Sauce

Balsamic vinegar gives Giada's BBQ sauce a unique tang. It's easy to prepare and pairs fabulously with chicken or steak.

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Braised Pork Tacos

Rachael's tacos are tremendously flavorful and make amazing leftovers. Fans advise that you not skip out on the pickled red onions.

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Red Sauce and Spaghetti

Gabriele and Debi's red sauce will soon become your go-to recipe. Take a cue from our fans and ditch the jarred stuff.

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Garden Vegetable Frittata

Host a weekend brunch and impress guests with Kelsey's vegetable frittata. Because the dish is light in the prep work, you'll have time to enjoy your own party.

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Spaghettia Al Limone

Minimal in ingredients but not in flavor, this sophisticated pasta dish is easy enough to whip together on a weeknight.

Get the Recipe: Spaghetti al Limone: Spaghetti with Lemon Sauce

Exploding Chicken Taquitos

Though they may taste like an indulgent treat, Hungry Girl's chicken taquitos can be enjoyed guilt-free. It's no wonder they're such a hit.

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Rapid Rolls

Kelsey's foolproof recipe will boost your kitchen confidence and make your taste buds happy.

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Buffalo BBQ Pulled Chicken Topped with Blue Cheese Cornbread Topper

The blue cheese cornbread topper really ups the ante for all Buffalo chicken recipes. Superstar home cooks say it's also kid-approved.

Get the Recipe: Buffalo BBQ Pulled Chicken with Blue Cheese Cornbread Topper

Creamed Corn

The addition of whipping cream and butter turn ordinary corn on the cob into delicious comfort food.

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Fettuccine with Yellow Squash and Parmesan Lemon Cream Sauce

This pasta is wonderful as is but leaves lots of room for creativity. Check out the comments for tasty ideas.

Get the Recipe: Fettuccine with Yellow Squash and Parmesan-Lemon Cream Sauce

Slow Cooker Shredded Pork

Each scrumptious bite makes the lengthy cooking time well worth it. Although the wait is long, the work required throughout the day is close to none.

Get the Recipe: Slow Cooker Shredded Pork

Roasted Beet Salad

Fans love the contrast of flavors between the sweet beets and the tangy goat cheese in this elegant salad. The almonds and pear slices add nice texture.

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Lasagne Alla Bolognese

Folks are singing praises to this family favorite. With warm layers of pasta, meaty sauce and besciamella (beschamel), this dish has comfort food written all over it.

Get the Recipe: Lasagne Alla Bolognese

Pork Tenderloin with Bacon, Chile Flakes, Toasted Almond and Parsley

Raving reviews prove that you don't need to be an Iron Chef to cook fabulous food. It all starts in your own kitchen.

Get the Recipe: Pork Tenderloin with Bacon, Chile Flakes, Toasted Almond and Parsley

Fish Tacos with Chipotle Cream

Ellie offers a lighter, fresher, healthier alternative to takeout. Serve with lime and a generous dollop of chipotle cream.

Get the Recipe: Fish Tacos with Chipotle Cream

Meaty, Meat-less Chili

The mushrooms and black bean are hearty and satisfying, and the avocado sour cream is rich and smooth. It's a meal enjoyed by both vegetarians and meat-eaters.

Get the Recipe: Meaty, Meat-less Chili

Boeuf en Croute

Also known as Beef Wellington, this French classic is a definite contender for your next special occasion.

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Turkey Roast Dip with Melted Gruyere

Roast turkey, melted cheese and savory au jus give new meaning to the standard of a good sandwich. Kelsey followers give their stamp of approval.

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Poulet Au Paprika

Taste-testers have a hard time putting down their forks when eating this dressed-up chicken dinner.

Get the Recipe: Poulet Au Paprika

Yangzhou Fried Rice

Brush up your wok skills with Ching's beginner-friendly fried rice. The spicy ketchup comes highly recommended.

Get the Recipe: Yangzhou Fried Rice

Sausage and Radicchio Orecchiette

This recipe has converted radicchio skeptics into believers. Full of contrasting flavors and textures, the combination of ingredients will have you craving this meal again soon.

Get the Recipe: Sausage and Radicchio Orecchiette

Zesty Spaghetti a la Puttanesca

Zesty and full of flavor like the star herself, Nadia's pasta is deserving of its five-star review.

Get the Recipe: Zesty Spaghetti a la Puttanesca

Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Filled with goat cheese, breadcrumbs and fresh herbs, these stuffed mushroom caps are classy and delectable.

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Chicken South Indian Style

Take on new international flavors and have dinner ready in 30 minutes. Reviewers confirm the Indian spices are an excellent pantry addition.

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