Recipe courtesy of Highland Kitchen

Spicy Goat Stew

  • Level: Easy
  • Total: 3 hr 40 min
  • Active: 1 hr 20 min
  • Yield: 10 servings
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2 tablespoons olive oil

5 pounds bone-in goat legs

1 medium Spanish onion, sliced 

2 carrots, cut into 1-inch slices

1 clove garlic, finely chopped 

1/2 Scotch bonnet or other hot chili pepper, seeded and chopped 

One 1-inch piece fresh ginger, finely chopped 

1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme 

2 tablespoons curry powder 

1 tablespoon ground allspice 

Salt and pepper

4 cups chicken stock 

2 cups canned whole tomatoes, crushed in a bowl 

1 1/2 cups white wine 

4 ounces calabaza pumpkin, peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces 

4 ounces chayote squash, left unpeeled, cut into 2-inch pieces 

4 ounces malanga, cut into 2-inch pieces 

Two 12-ounce cans unsweetened coconut milk 


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. In a large flameproof casserole over high heat, heat the oil until it starts smoking, then add half of the meat and let it brown, without disturbing, 3 minutes. Turn and brown the other side, 3 minutes more. Transfer browned meat to a bowl and brown the remaining meat in the same manner. Remove all the meat from the pan.
  2. Add the onions and carrots to the pan and cook, stirring often, 5 minutes. Add the garlic, chili pepper, ginger, thyme, curry powder, allspice and salt and pepper to taste. Cook, stirring, until the spices are aromatic, 3 to 5 minutes. Stir in the stock, wine and tomatoes. Return the meat to the pan. Bring to a boil and cover the pan. Transfer the pan to the oven and bake until the meat is falling off the bone, about 2 hours.
  3. Remove the meat from the pan with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the pumpkin, squash, malanga and coconut milk to the pan and return to the oven to cook until all the vegetables are tender, about 20 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, separate the meat from the bones in large chunks. Return the meat to the stew. Bring to a boil, then turn off the heat. Taste for seasoning, and add more salt and pepper, if desired. Divide the stew among 10 bowls and serve hot.