31 Deep-Fried Treats That You Have to See to Believe

These crazy treats from Carnival Eats — think deep-fried gummy bears, maple-bacon funnel cakes and so much more — may stop your heart.

Funnel Cake Cheeseburger

Funnel cake buns sandwiching a bacon cheeseburger? It's wise not to eat this every day.

Peanut Pork Out

Pork shoulder is slow-cooked until fork-tender, then battered, deep-fried and glazed in a peanut chili sauce. There's also a bed of sweet potato fries and a sprinkle of scallions.

Not Yo' Average Nachos

A bed of chip-shaped sopapillas — aka Mexican fried dough — is topped with cinnamon sugar, ice cream, and mozzarella and cheddar cheeses for a weird sweet-and-savory meal.


When the Calzagna hits your eyes like a big lasagna-stuffed pizza pie, that's amore.

Atomic Habanero Tots

These loaded Tater Tots may look normal, but they're topped with ground Kobe beef, wild boar, buffalo, cheddar ale sauce, habanero crema, bacon and even more shredded cheese.

The Big Yum

You won't scream for ice cream when you can have a pretzel cone filled with chili, jalapenos, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream instead.

Deep-Fried Philly Blossom

Fried onion blossoms aren't decadent enough, so top 'em like a cheesesteak with American cheese, cheddar, grilled sirloin and peppers.

Angel and Devil Dogs

Keep both the angel and the devil on your shoulders happy with a maple syrup-doused corn dog and another with savory seasoning.

Sunday Dinner Sundae

Steak and potatoes meets the deep fryer. French fries get a generous portion of steak, cheese sauce, bacon and sour cream for a fully loaded Sunday sundae.

Country Fried Shepherd's Pie

Another classic comfort food gets a deep-fried makeover with ground beef, mashed potatoes and creamed corn croquettes doused in gravy.

The Freshman 15 Fries

Get schooled with shredded smoked rib tips, cheese, barbecue sauce and deep-fried pickles on top of a pile of fries.

Super Stick

This is kind of like inside-out pizza with battered pepperoni and Colby Jack cheese sprinkled with Parmesan.

Burger Bomb Pretzel

Can't decide between a burger, a soft pretzel and breakfast? Eat it all! This beef-stuffed pretzel is fried and topped with an egg.

Bird Dog

You ain't nothin' but a bird dog, fryin' all the time. A thick piece of chicken — swimming in cheese sauce and crispy bacon — overflows from a hot dog bun.

Breakfast on a Stick

Eat corn dogs for breakfast with sausage wrapped in fried pancake batter. Bonus: The icing on top makes it look like waffles.

Hillbilly Hamburger

This would be crazy on its own, because of the double elk patties and hot dogs stacked on top of each other, but then they added deep-fried potato salad. Whoa.

Green Goddess

Don't let the green in the name fool you, because this dish isn't healthy. Deep-fried artichoke hearts with green goddess dressing should be your vegetable of choice, though.

Churro Dog

If you've ever wanted to have Thanksgiving dinner on a stick, your dreams are about to come true. This
deep-fried turkey and cranberry concoction is as festive as it gets.

Fiesta Funnel Cake

Move over, sweet treats, because this funnel cake is bringing the party. Jalapeno-spiked salsa con queso coats every nook and cranny of the deep-fried delight.

Rocking Rolls

This may look like a normal egg roll, but it's really stuffed with oysters and shrimp, then coated in bechamel sauce.

Deep-Fried Pastrami Pizza

What's better than regular ol' wood-fired pizza? Deep-fried crust. Topped with pastrami, it's like your favorite deli sandwich and a slice at once. 

Chicken-Fried Bacon

Yes, you can make bacon even tastier if you treat it like fried chicken. 

Cowboy Pistolette

American cheese, sausage and green chiles all melt together inside this ball of dough, and it will satisfy any cowboy or cowgirl.

Party Eggs

Scotch eggs are hard-boiled eggs covered in pork sausage, and they can liven up any party. Think of this dish as the most-portable breakfast, lunch or dinner ever.

Deep-Fried Ice Cream Sandwich

We'd stop the world and melt with this deep-fried treat, but somehow the ice cream stays cold when the sandwich hits the fryer. It's magic.

Deep-Fried Gummy Bear

This giant gummy bear tastes like a jelly doughnut, thanks to the cakelike outside, and eating the head first, like you did as a kid, is optional. 

Deep-Fried Butter

Everything's better with butter, especially when it's the star of the show. There's no turning back after eating this one.

Pulled Pork Doughnut Sandwich

What happens when you take two deep-fried doughnuts and stuff them with pulled pork, cheese and fried pickles? Something amazing (and maybe a heart attack).

Fried Pierogi With Bacon and Cheese

Typical pierogi are sauteed with butter and onions, but these pillowy potato dumplings get a deep-fried upgrade before being topped with bacon, cheese, scallions and sour cream.

Fries with Deep-Fried Lobster

French fries are great, but they're not wholly satisfying until they're topped with deep-fried lobster.

Deep-Fried Philly Cheesesteak

Who cares if it's "wit" or "witout" if it's deep-fried? The Philly classic looks more like a giant egg roll at the carnival.

More Fried Goodness

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