Eat the Street will take us on a tour of the most famous streets in America – by way of the food available on them! Be it Walnut Street in Philadelphia or Mission Street in San Francisco or Magazine Street in New Orleans – our host Chuck Hughes will experience the food, history and lore behind these famous streets.

Season 3 Web-Exclusive Videos

What's the Dill with These Pickles?

Meet a NYC-born pickle lover who ate so many pickles, it was cheaper to start his own pickle business.
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Pooyie! Poutine

Chuck finds a Lafayette truck that's putting a Cajun twist on his hometown favorite poutine.
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Thriving at the Drive-In

Jim's Drive-In's been churning out fried green tomato sandwiches since the 50s –– and they have it down
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Bacon and Caviar

A jambalaya's holy trinity of mirepoix gets elevated to a holy heptad by adding in four smoked meats.
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Honky-Approved Steamed Buns

Is it the pork fat that makes Birmingham's Shindig truck's pork belly buns so tight?
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Mexican HOTT Chocolate

A good indication of awesome hot chocolate is it starting with the grinding of raw cocao beans.
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The Greatest Joe on Earth 12 Videos

Austin's Lulu B's truck has a way of making coffee taste like chocolate.

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