Chuck Hughes Takes a Bite Out of America


On Chuck's Eat the Street Season 3, Chuck travels through 11 cities in seven states to chow down on some of the country's best cuisines. Crazy crawfish, grandiose grilled sandwiches and Caribbean curries don't stand a chance against Chuck's monster bite. Dig in.


Le Petit Bistro – Rhinebeck, NY

Chuck prepares to snag one of chef Joseph Dalu's Asian-inspired fried oysters.

Gigi Trattoria – Rhinebeck, NY

Chuck and owner Laura Pensiero show off their Skizza, Gigi's trademark flatbread.

Manny's Tortas – Minneapolis, MN

Chuck wastes no time chomping on Manny's special steak torta.

Odd Duck – Austin, TX

Chuck scoots in front of chef Sam Hellman for a bite of his pork belly slider.

Underbelly's – Houston, TX

Chuck noshes on chef Chris Shepherd's ham ribs with sorghum mustard glaze.

Hugo's – Houston, TX

Chuck helps chef Hugo Ortega prepare chapulines, pan-sauteed grasshopper tacos.

Osteria Mazzantini – Houston, TX

Chuck poses before taking a bite of chef John Sheely's signature gulf red snapper.

The Lodge – Scottsdale, AZ

Chuck sticks a knife into chef Aaron May's Sasquatch burger, a Black Angus bacon cheeseburger with grilled-cheese buns.

Fu-Fu Cuisine – Phoenix, AZ

Chuck and chef Esther Mbaikambey present their goat sombe, a curried stew of vegetables and meat served over steamed rice.

Mizu 212 – Los Angeles, CA

Chuck has his chopsticks at the ready for shabu-shabu with server Irene.

Blockheads Shavery – Los Angeles, CA

Chuck and Blockheads co-founder Alex Yu share a Snow Cream, a combination of ice cream and Hawaiian shaved ice.

MELT – Birmingham, AL

Chuck is about ready to salivate over his grilled cheese with co-founder Paget Pizitz and chef Joey Dickerson.

Dreamcakes – Birmingham, AL

Chuck ogles a tray of cupcakes with Dream team Jan Moon and Dwight Potter.

Chez Fonfon – Birmingham, AL

Chuck gets a handle on chef Adam Grusin's egg and kale tartine.

Bacon & Caviar – Nashville, TN

Chuck and chef Paul Johnson are ready to try their smokehouse jambalaya.

Flyte – Nashville, TN

Chuck takes a knee with chef Matthew Lackey to assess the perfect carrot at Sulphur Creek Farm.

Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish – Nashville, TN

Chuck presents a heaping basket of hot fried chicken with Bolton and Dolly.

Krazy Klaws – Lafayette, LA

Chuck chomps on boiled crawfish with owner Jeff Hernandez.

Freetown Fries – Lafayette, LA

Chuck raises a plate of "Poo-Yie" fries, Quebecois frites topped with brown gravy and cheese curds.

Bread & Circus – Lafayette, LA

Chuck eyes a quail egg with chef Manny Augello.

The Bakery – Lewisburg, WV

Chuck sinks his teeth into a garlic Parmesan bagel alongside owner Sandy Carter.

The Greenbrier – Lewisburg, WV

Chuck suits up with chef Bryan Skelding to present their veal chop with cheddar grits.

Stella's Tea House – Lewisburg, WV

Chuck and chef Samantha Hall proudly display their Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Ingebretsen's - Minneapolis, MN

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