Chuck's Behind-the-Scenes Instagram Pics: Austin

Chuck takes a break from kitchens and cameras to explore the southern city that knows how to keep it cool, colorful and a little bit weird.

Neon Namesake

A cool neon Austin sign sets the stage for the city's hip, laid-back vibe.

Howdy, Hughes

Chuck takes a look at the famous Austin mural upon his arrival to the city.

Between the Lines

An intricate door hinge catches Chuck's eye as he makes his way through the Capitol building.

Heart of Texas

A look up at the ceiling reveals a rotunda and star with 3D effects.

Eat Your Colors

A snap of the finished dish Chiles en Nogada contains the colors of the Mexican flag.

Get the Recipe: Chiles en Nogada

That Thing You Tattoo

Chuck compares food-related tattoos with pitmaster Lance Kirkpatrick of Stiles Switch BBQ.

Hot in Here

A delicious iced Vietnamese coffee from Lulu B's is beaded with condensation in the Austin heat.

Watch the Video: Lulu B's: Vietnamese Coffee

Grand Gesture

Chuck stops to snap a giant pink cupcake sitting atop a food truck.

Outside Your Door

The sign for Odd Duck greets people from the street with its trendy modern exterior.

Ducks and Dinos

Odd Duck's quirky decor complements the eclectic, playful dishes.

Trunk Art

Chuck stops to admire some local art in the graffiti park off Lamar Avenue.

Southern Hospitality

Written on the door at Stiles Switch, this Southern message sends patrons off with a smile.

Authentically Austin

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