Chuck's Behind-the-Scenes Instagram Pics: Houston

During his stop in Houston, Chuck finds that food and art intersect at many local establishments. 

Water Wall Westheimer

Chuck stands before a vast waterfall wall in the Westheimer/Post Oak area of Houston.

Tile in Style

Chuck takes a break from eating the street by a tile sign displaying the street name, Westheimer.

Carving It Up

A suspended cleaver adds a neat three-dimensional touch to the wall art at Chef Chris Shepherd's Underbelly.

The Backstory

As informative as it is artistic, the mural at Underbelly tells the story of Chris Shepherd and how Underbelly came to be a Houston hotspot.

The Shelf Life

A selection of Underbelly's jarred jams and vegetables, picked locally and made in-house.

Stick to Your Ribs

Chef Shepherd tops his cornmeal-crusted ham ribs, made with local ingredients, with a sorghum-mustard glaze.

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Down Under

An old sewer grate is set into the historic brick wall at Chef Shepherd's Hay Merchant, the bar adjoining Underbelly.

Soft Glow

Delicate glass globes suspended from the ceiling cast a soft glow on Chef John Sheely's restaurant Osteria Mazzantini.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Hugo Ortega's Mexican chocolate tablets melt down into a rich, spicy version of a classic favorite, hot chocolate.

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At the Ready

All of the fresh ingredients for Chef Ortega's tacos de chapulines are ready to be incorporated into a fantastic dish.

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On a Silver Platter

Chef Ortega's tacos de chapulines are plated and ready to be enjoyed.

Houston Goes Global

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