The Best of Chuck's Week Off in Mexico

Chuck Hughes debuts his new Cooking Channel series, Chuck's Week Off, with a food-lover's dream trip to Mexico. He discovers the Mexican food classics and recipes that make this spicy country come to life.

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Chuck's Week Off — New Series

Chuck Hughes has a HOT NEW SERIES. Forget one day off... He's got an entire week and this time, he's heading to Mexico.

Chuck's Week Off: Mexico

Mexican Road Trip

8 cities, and 8 entirely different experiences — it's a long haul and it all begins on Route 1, South.

Busman's Holiday

Of course, Chuck isn't playing the role of gringo tourist. He's rolling up his sleeves and learning some new classics in local Mexican kitchens.

No Stunt Double Required!

Chuck on horseback? Bet you didn't see that coming.

No Wonder He Specializes in Seafood

Chuck reeled in this bad boy all by himself. Seriously!

When GPS Won't Save You

Getting lost in Mexico is one thing. Getting lost in a lonely desert in Mexico sans smart phone is quite another.

Emiliano's Dorado Con Crema

The heavenly smell of this freshly-caught dorado fish with a spicy crema was only rivaled by its taste — wow!

Get the Recipe: Emiliano's Dorado Con Crema

No Block For This Butcher

Chuck is at ease in any kitchen — no matter where, worldwide. Here he makes quick work of some butchering, back of the house.

If You Can't Stand The Heat...

This spicy pork sandwich (torta ahogada) might not be your thing but the blend of spices resulted in some unforgettable street food.

Get the Recipe: Jose's Torta Ahogada (Spicy Pork Sandwich)

Sanjuana's Posole: Rich Corn and Pork Soup

If you don't know posole, you've got to get into this Mexican comfort food dish before the weather takes a bad turn.

Get the Recipe: Sanjuana's Pozole (Rich Corn and Pork Soup)

Move Over, Nacho Libre!

There's a nuevo Luchador in town and he's ready to rumble. We thought Chuck was pretty fierce on Iron Chef America but...

More Chuck's Week Off

This may be the end of the road for Chuck in Mexico but we have no fear he'll get another Chuck's Week Off right around the next bend...

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