America has a longtime love affair with Italian food and all things Italian. Follow Chef Mario Batali as he crosses the country in search of the folks who cook up the best Italian eats, and keep the Italian way of life alive on our shores. Meeting up with families, chefs, shop keepers and food artisans, Mario discovers their secrets for making the most delectable Italian food, and uncovers their stories and traditions for living 'La Dolce Vita' every day.

Most Popular Recipes

Herb Frittata

Grilled Local Anchovies

Aunt Izzy's Gnocchi with Two Sauces

Adriana's Pasta Pie

Sand Dabs

Love Cake

Bruschetta with Fresh Monterey Sardines

Pasta Timballo Layered With Eggplant, Bolognese Ragu, Hardboiled Egg And Scamorza Cheese

Ricotta Pie

Rabbit Armando

Stuffed Artichokes: Carciofe Ripieni

Ricotta Pie

Rice Balls

Crab and Seafood Cioppino

Skewered Mozzarella

Calamari on Pasta

Lace Cookies with Orange-Mascarpone Filling and Raspberries

Ricotta Pancakes with Banana-Pecan Syrup

Ragu all Nonna

Grilled Pizza Margarita

Risotto San Martino

Eggless Orecchiette

Ben's Cognac Risotto

Tomato, Caper and Garlic Crostini

Dessert Crostino of Fresh Ricotta, Strawberries and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Four Seasons Tart from Lake Como: Crostata di Quattro Stagioni

Lobster and Asparagus Agnolotti

About the Host

Mario Batali

Learn more about Mario Batali and how to cook fantastic fresh and simple Italian food at home.

Pantry: Italian Essentials

A well-stocked pantry makes whipping up delicious Italian meals a snap. Countless dishes can be made from ingredients on hand, but with a quick dash through the express line for perishables, the options are limitless.

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