Meet the Compete to Eat Competitors

Meet this season's cottage residents, who provide chefs Jo and Aldo with simple, rustic ingredients and laid-back attitudes for their gourmet three-course meals.

Katie Jordon and Kimberly Jordon

Katie is a Toronto-based writer and poet who gets out of town any chance she can. She is also a strict vegetarian, which makes it tough to find a good meal far from a grocery store. Kimberly is Katie’s cousin and best friend. Although she has a sunny personality, her dark secret is that she can’t cook!

Peter Dionisio and Kristen Rinella

Pete is an avid hunter and fisherman, who has turned his grandfather’s cottage into his personal playground. He’s your typical guy’s guy who's wary of vegetables and big on meat. Kristen, Pete's girlfriend, does not like fish or anything that comes from a lake, but she is willing to do anything to find the right ingredients.

Jackie and Kevin Farley

Jackie and Kevin are newlyweds who actually live in cottage country, meaning they are at home in the great outdoors. They live close to the earth, and they're proud of it, even if their kitchen is from another era. They're also super-competitive and territorial about their garden.

Claire and Dennis Snowdon

Dennis is Jackie's brother, and these siblings are very competitive with each other, from board games to sports. Dennis lives in the city, and he's proud of it. His wife Claire is the calm, cool and collected one, who will help keep everything from melting down.

Samara Foisy

Samara is a nutritionist, sommelier and self-confessed control freak. In the city, she loves hosting extreme dinner parties (complete with homemade phyllo baskets), reading cookbooks like novels and beautifully plating meals. She usually needs weeks to plan a meal that is up to her standards. Samara is not a natural cottager. She hates bugs and spiders and generally all that messy "nature" stuff.

Marylou and Matt Gregoris

With only two grandkids from one of her four children, Marylou finds herself to be more of a momthan a nonna. Matt, the youngest of her sons, is a self-confessed “Mamma’s boy.” Matt has worked in restaurants for over 20 years and now owns his own gourmet sandwich shop.

Pat and Mike Stark

Pat and his brother Mike bought an island cottage to truly get away from it all. With only two bedrooms, no hydro and no fridge, Pat calls the place "rustic chic." They also have a love of strange and exotic meats.

Nancy Coates and Evan Phillips

Nancy is the matriarch of the Coates clan, and Evan is her grandson, the fourth generation on the same property, which has no power or running water. Evan is training to become a chef in the big city, but he has limited experience in the rustic cottage kitchen.

Maryanne and Kelly Fallis

Maryanne likes to open up her massive, modern luxury cottage to big parties and dinners with her neighbors and anyone who drops by. Her daughter Kelly Fallis is CEO of her stylist company. Kelly is always on the go and is a busy career woman, so a little bit of stress isn’t going to faze her. Maryanne is used to having all day to prep her dinners, and the pressure of doing it all in one hour might get to her.

Keltie and Bruce Law

Bruce and Keltie are both extremely active and social people. They cycle, golf and row (they have a scull boat at the cottage). The couple is always moving through their very athletic lifestyle. Bruce still waterskis at 60! Bruce is resourceful in the kitchen and will make things up in his head instead of using recipes. They live across the bay from their friends Maryanne and Kelly.

Karen Osler and Erik Fenkell

Karen Osler can come out of a 10-day canoe trip covered in mud, with unruly hair and no makeup, and still look gorgeous! She and her husband, Erik, are avid outdoor adventurists who take multiple multi-day canoe trips every year when they are not with their two kids Willem (8) and Soren (4) at their beautifully simple and small cabin, which is totally off the grid.

Carol and Joe Huniwicks

A 30-year firefighting veteran, Joe is serious about food. He built a stone oven, which started with the idea of the European stone oven: build a stone structure and start a fire in it, then put out the fire and cook with residual heat. That oven lent him the nickname Pizza Joe. Speaking of putting out fires, his wife, Carol, is the cool one who is always there to keep things from burning up.

Joanne MacMillan and Kelly Hart

Joanne MacMillan likes her kitchen and her recipes uncluttered and, like any lawyer, is big on details. The cottage is her getaway from a hectic life in the city. Her friend Kelly is more about the laughs than focusing on preparing a good dish!

Dan, Jake and Ben 

Brothers Dan, Jake and Ben have run wild at their parents' cottage and turned a tranquil paradise into a party zone. Their cooking skills are painfully inadequate, which means they have no ingredients or utensils. They can only burn meat and open beer bottles.

Larisa Haumanis and and Mike Eibish

Larisa is a busy big-city doctor who likes to work hard and party harder. She is a fitness buff who works out like a machine. Her new husband, Mike, is an airline pilot who flies to faraway destinations. He is also a big-time fitness fanatic who has to swat off the mosquitoes on those long cottage jogs.

Mary and Jim Kenaris

Jim is an energetic, fun and colorful person who loves eating and drinking. He’s unapologetic about squeezing everything out of life. Mary loves to host people at her cottage, especially her next-door neighbors, Mike and Larisa. The only problem is ... Mary is a neat freak.

Alex McCracken

Forty-three-year-old Alex is an avid hunter, and his freezer is often stocked with venison, duck and even moose! He’s been running his own catering business for the last 13 years. As a trained chef, Alex brings a lot to the table, including some strange specialties like Pickle Soup.

Tobin Lifchis

Realtor and father Tobin Lifchis is a force to be reckoned with. He's a bundle of energy and a marvel of bravado. He knows absolutely nothing about cooking, but he’s great at goofing around and never taking anything too seriously.

Dineen Worth

Dineen is a lifelong artist, and her work is scattered throughout the property around her camper van. Eccentric and full of life, she loves an opportunity to do something new. It's no problem that her trailer has no hydro, no running water and only a three-burner propane BBQ (which scares her). Oh, let's not forget about her fire pit!

Gladys Gray

Neighbor to Dineen, Gladys keeps life simple with no hydro and no running water as well. That means more time for making crafts and trinkets. Gladys has traveled all over Canada in her camper, from Dawson City to Newfoundland. She is a proud mother of three, grandmother of 12 and great-grandmother of three!

Vanessa McAfee and Lisa Perron

Lisa is something of an expert cook, especially when it comes to the BBQ. She owns her own company, supplying one-of-a-kind arts, crafts and stationeryfor special occasions. Vanessa is Lisa’s lifelong friend, who has enjoyed coming to the same cottage year after year. They love to party, kick back and relax as if they were teenagers.

Deb Pero and Matt Foy

Deb loves every inch of her 700-square-foot cabin with a retro feel. Deb is known for being an amazing cook, but she isn’t always motivated. She is the leftover queen and can get pretty creative with simple ingredients. Deb loves nothing better than to bushwhack and loves collecting old pieces of wood. She has built dozens of teepees in the forest. Her son-in-law Matt is an easygoing, fun-loving musician, who doesn’t take cooking too seriously – eating is another story!

Barb and Lauren Brady

Barb is a busy mom who likes to feed people but admits she’s not a gourmet. She’s prone to dropping or breaking things in the kitchen. Her daughter is a vegetarian and a cooking novice, but when it comes to coordination she has it locked down. She’s a triathlete!

Alison and Peter Durocher

Pete is a retired policeman who raised four children at the cottage. He likes to keep things neat and orderly. In his retirement, Pete has become an avid cook and spends most days at the cottage preparing food for friends and neighbors. Meanwhile, his daughter Ali is more easygoing and tries to keep her dad from sweating the small stuff.

David and Brendan Wood

David, the ultimate British expat with a wicked sense of humor, is an avid outdoorsman: His interests include everything from berry picking to archery. He’s also a world traveler and culture aficionado, which shows in the various costumes he has on hand. His son Brendan is also an outdoorsman and an animal lover, especially when it comes to taking care of his pet snake, Ophelia.

Jessica Cherniak and Jackson Slade

Jessica is a doula, which gives her the calm and resourcefulness to “MacGyver” just about anything in any situation. She does not own a cottage per se (it’s a series of platforms for tents). Everything is off the grid and in open air – just the way she likes to keep things in an isolated bay. Her cooking partner is Jackson, a chef-in-training from the big city who thinks he can make any setting a venue for a gourmet meal.