Cook Like an Iron Chef

Go behind the scenes of Cook Like an Iron Chef and see Michael Symon in action.

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Michael Symon on Set

Breaking out of Kitchen Stadium, Iron Chef Michael Symon has full reign of this new, elite kitchen training ground.

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Iron Chef It Up

The knives come out as Chef Symon arms you with an arsenal of dishes that deliver perfect 10's for taste, presentation and creativity.

Perfect Plating in a Pinch

It’s all in the details. Luckily, Michael shares those, plus plenty of Iron Chef secrets – for the first time outside of Kitchen Stadium.

Sous Us!

Behind every great Iron Chef, there are great sous chefs. Chef Symon shares his strategy and approach with his apprentices (and you) throughout the show.

Get the Recipe: Grilled T-bone Lamb Chops with Fava Bean and Feta Salad

That’s Just Offal

Refresher on offal – animal innards: brains, tongue, cheeks, intestines, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, feet, tail and pancreas, to name a few. Tasty? Maybe in the hands of an Iron Chef

You Could Be Next

Watch, learn and stretch your creative culinary muscles. Think you can Cook Like An Iron Chef? We can always make a little room on the coat rack.

Action now!

Get a front row seat as Chef Symon works culinary magic week after week, creating unique and daring dishes.

Watch the Video: Iron Chef Essentials