Rosa Ross' Old-School Macanese Recipes

Learn a few old-school classics from Macau cuisine.

Coqueira Coconut Tartlets

These coconut-laced adaptations of Portuguese egg tarts are the ideal dessert for caual lunch dates. Rosa serves them to girlfriends during Mahjong games.

Get the Recipe: Coqueira (Coconut Tartlets)

Dumplings Two Ways

Rosa says the way you can tell a good dumpling house is by the siu mei, or flower-shaped dumplings. Her creel-shaped chicken dumplings are equally impresive.

Get the Recipe: Pork Siu Mei Flower Dumplings

Peking Duck

This duck recipe is mighty involved, but yields two classic dishes: the beloved duck pancakes using crispy skin, and a gingery stir fry with the duck meat.

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This shrimp-based noodle soup is traditionally served on Christmas Eve, and still makes Rosa think of holidays with her mother.

Get the Recipe: Lacassa Soup