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Tiffani is inviting all of these celebrity friends (and more) over for good company, great stories and delicious food. 


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Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark-Paul and I have known each other since we were kids on Saved by the Bell. He is a lifelong friend.

Jonathan and Drew Scott

I met Drew and Jonathan just this past year, and I love their shows. They are the stars of HGTV's Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother.

Ethan Embry

I've known Ethan for a long time, and Brady, my husband, just worked with Ethan's lovely wife. Ethan is currently on Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Vanessa Lachey

Vanessa and her husband, Nick, are our neighbors and close friends. Vanessa was recently seen with another dear friend of mine, Mark-Paul, on Truth Be Told.

Scott Wolf

I met Scott a long time ago ... you'll have to watch to hear the full story! He's known for his iconic role on Party of Five, and, most recently, he was on The Night Shift.

Julie Benz

We did a movie together — look it up. She is a busy lady who has been seen in Defiance, Dexter and Rambo.

Eric Close

I met Eric in 1995 working on a TV movie called The Stranger Beside Me, where he played my less-than-innocent husband. He is known for his roles on Without a Trace and Nashville, among others.

Dan Bucatinsky

I met Dan through an ex; I didn't keep the ex, but I kept the friend. Dan was seen on Scandal, and he acts on and produces Web Therapy.

George Newbern

George is a new friend thanks to Dan Bucatinsky, but given the choice I'd take ... George has been in so many things, from Father of the Bride to Scandal.

Cheri Oteri

Cheri and I met through a mutual friend, and she always makes me laugh. She is best known for her amazing and hilarious work on Saturday Night Live.

Sasha Alexander

We've been in the business together for years. Sasha can currently be seen on the hit show Rizzoli & Isles.

Scout Masterson and Bill Horn

We have become close with Scout and Bill ever since their daughter, Simone, became one of Harper's best friends. Scout and Bill now run a successful PR company.

Daisy Fuentes

I've known Daisy for 20 years; we came up in the business together. Daisy now can be seen on La Voz Kids.

Nicole Sullivan

We both had TV shows on Fox at the same time, met back then, and I was always a fan of hers. She is known for Mad TV, King of Queens and Black-ish, among others.

Missi Pyle

Missi is a new friend with a new baby. Congrats! She is an amazing actress and has been in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Gone Girl and Bordertown.

Cynthia Watros

I cast Cynthia in a film I directed (she was amazing). She has been seen on Lost, Guiding Light and Finding Carter.

Dave Foley

I met Dave when I did an episode of NewsRadio, and we've been friends ever since. He never stops working, from Kids in the Hall to A Bug's Life to Dr. Ken.

Neal Dodson

Neal's the husband of my dear friend Ashley Williams and a great producer of such movies as A Most Violent Year, Margin Call and the TV show The Chair.

Ross Mathews

Believe it or not, I first met Ross at a Saved by the Bell signing when I was 19!

Ross is known for his work on Chelsea Lately and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has recently written a book called Man Up.

Tim Meadows

I met Tim filming The Ladies Man in 2000; I played his secret rich lover.

Tim is known for his work on Saturday Night Live and Marry Me. He is a gentleman, sweetheart and funny man.

Jillian Barberie

We first met when Jillian was a host on Good Day L.A. We worked together on Good Morning Miami as well.

Jillian can light up a room when she walks in.

Tim Dekay

I played Tim's wife for six seasons of White Collar, where we first met in 2009. The DeKays became our family friends instantly.

Brady Smith

Brady: He's my husband, an actor, an artist, a writer and a wonderful father.

Bill Bellamy

I met Bill on MTV while I was on Saved by the Bell. We are neighbors and close friends.

Bill is known for his work on Any Given Sunday and How to be a Player, and he worked with me on Fast Lane.

Jason Priestly

I met Jason on 90210 in 1994.

He has a winery called Black Hills Estate Winery in Canada. My husband, Brady, proposed to me on Jason and his wife Naomi's front lawn of their new home.

Naomi Priestly

Naomi and I became friends instantly. She is a makeup artist and was named L.A.'s hottest trainer in 2014.

Elizabeth Berkley

I met Elizabeth on Saved by the Bell. We were both up for the role of Kelly! The producers liked Elizabeth so much they wrote the role of Jessie just for her!

Elizabeth worked alongside Brady in the TV movie Black Widow. She has a not-for-profit organization that includes self-esteem workshops called Ask Elizabeth.

Emily Procter

Emily and I share the same agent and worked on White Collar together.

Emily is known for her work on CSI: Miami and The West Wing. She has an '80's cover band called White Lightning.

Seth Green

Seth, known for Robot Chicken, Family Guy and Austin Powers, has been acting since he was a child.

Seth and his wife, Clare, married in 2010 at Skywalker Ranch.

Bree Turner

Bree and I share the same manager, and she was pregnant with her little girl the same time I was pregnant with Harper!

A dancer-turned-actress, Bree is known for her work on Grimm, The Ugly Truth and The Wedding Planner.

Lance Bass

I met Lance on a scavenger hunt where he had to get a signature of someone on 90210.

He is known for his work in the band N'SYNC and married Michael Turchin in December of 2014.

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