Donut Showdown: First Challenge Donuts

All these doughnut creations are pretty stunning in their own right, but one must get eliminated from every competition. Tune in to Donut Showdown every Monday at 10pm ET to find out which of these doughnuts make the cut. 

Episode 1: Michelle Edgar's Tarragon, Raspberry and Buckwheat Honey Cake Donut

Tarragon, raspberry and buckwheat honey cake donut with raspberry swirl, buckwheat honey glaze and candied tarragon (raspberries, buckwheat honey, tarragon)

Episode 1: Del Hernandez's Vanilla Cake Donut

Vanilla cake donut with goat's milk, peanut butter, Devonshire cream and cream cheese icing with chocolate shavings (peanut butter, cream cheese, goat's milk)

Episode 1: Dawn Otwell's Tangerine Cake Donut

Tangerine cake donut with coconut sugar, lime leaf and tangerine-infused glaze (lime leaf, tangerine, coconut sugar)

Good Morning

Episode 2: Mark Klebek's Chocolate Spice Donut

Chocolate spice donut with ricotta & pine nut filling (dark chocolate, ricotta, pine nuts)

Episode 2: Jacey Miller's Baked Cactus Pear Donut

Baked cactus pear donut with cream filling and strawberry and cactus pear drizzle (strawberries, condensed milk, cactus, pear)

Episode 2: Bryan Widener's Root Beer Donut

Root beer donut with loganberries and white chocolate topped with Kirsch whipped cream and root beer glaze (root beer, Kirsch, loganberries)


Episode 3: Kristen Boates' Blackberry Donut

Blackberry donut with maple glaze and pink peppercorn tuile (maple syrup, pink peppercorns, blackberries)

Episode 3: Ron Levi's Old-Fashioned Donut

Old-fashioned donut with chocolate hazelnut icing, candied walnuts and a spun sugar topping (hazelnut butter, walnuts, popping candy)

Episode 3: Maria Riggs' Banana and Parsnip Donut

Banana and parsnip donut with cherries and dried cranberries for decoration (cherries, cranberries, parsnips)

Fire & Ice

Episode 4: Dan Dunbar's Earl Grey Donut

Earl Grey donut with grapefruit and black treacle cream cheese filling (Earl Grey tea, grapefruit, black treacle)

Episode 4: Amanda Hamer's Persimmon Donut

Persimmon donut with smoked tequila and palm sugar glaze (tequila, persimmon, palm sugar)

Episode 4: Shannon Patten's Sour Cream and Mustard Seed Donut

Sour cream and mustard seed donut with cheese sauce (white cheddar, sour cream, mustard seed)

Land of the Rising Sun

Episode 5: Jasmine Bible's Fennel and Pumpkin Pie Spice Donut

Fennel and pumpkin pie spice donut soaked in Devon tres leches, spiced Devon cream icing (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger) and toasted sesame seed brittle (fennel, Devon cream, sesame seeds)

Episode 5: Martin Burge's Savory Corn Cake Donut

Savory corn cake donut with corn nuts in the batter, cheddar cream cheese icing, sliced gooseberry and corn nut garnish (Meyer lemons, sweet and sour gooseberries, corn nuts)

Episode 5: Ambergé Sloan's Cream Soda Donut

Cream soda donut with tofu/banana cheesecake topping, juniper/ancho chile caramel, graham cracker and lime zest garnish (cream soda, juniper berries, tofu)

Cinco De Mayo

Episode 6: Grayson Sherman's Maple Dijon Donut

Maple Dijon with Port glaze (maple sugar, Dijon mustard, Port)

Episode 6: Alison Smith's Lavender and Mulberry Donut

Lavander and mulberry with Mexican chocolate glaze (lavender, dried mulberries, Mexican chocolate)

Episode 6: Adam Sobel's Crunchy Pumpkin

Crunchy pumpkin (pumpkin seed butter, chow mein noodles, marzipan)


Episode 7: Barb Aiello's Red Wine/Mango Chutney/Nutmeg/Date Twist

Red wine/mango chutney/nutmeg/date twist with red wine/mango chutney glaze (mango chutney, red wine, diced red dates)

Episode 7: Jeremy Brutzkus' Ground Almond Cake Donut

Ground almond cake donut with mace/fennel seed/cinnamon, caramelized miso glaze and candied fennel seed (miso, ground almonds, fennel seeds)

Episode 7: Mariah Swan's Jalapeno Cake Donut

Jalapeno cake donut with Gorgonzola cream cheese frosting and brandied pears with brown sugar (pear, Gorgonzola, jalapeno)

Retro Diner

Episode 8: Bob Grissinger's Buttermilk Donut

Buttermilk donut, split and filled with dragon fruit custard (no dairy) and topped with queso fresco and ground hazelnuts (queso fresco, dragon fruit, hazelnuts)

Episode 8: Carissa Mettling's Potato-Based Cake Donut

Potato-based cake donut with tamarind/apple/prune chutney, cardamom glaze and coconut topping (apples, tamarind, prunes)

Episode 8: Josie Weitzenbauer's Ginger Cake Donut

Ginger cake with hibiscus gel, candied ginger and agave glaze (hibiscus, ginger, agave nectar)