Donut Showdown: Season 2 First Challenge Doughnuts

All these doughnut creations are pretty stunning in their own right, but one must get eliminated from every competition.

Episode 1: Kim Macy's Potato Doughnut

Potato doughnut with jelly bean and strawberry filling, cotton candy buttercream, and praline and sugar garnish

Episode 1: Dr. Alan Jaff's Traditional Cake Doughnut

Traditional cake doughnut with chocolate ganache and jelly bean garnish

Episode 1: Vincent Marsden's Mascarpone Doughnut

Anise mascarpone orange-topped doughnut with melted jelly bean topping

Episode 2: Dorrie Sperry's "Bloody Mary" Doughnut

"Bloody Mary" doughnut with tomato juice, cream cheese and creme fraiche with parsley

Episode 2: Domenic Chiaromonte's Tomato Juice Doughnut

"Bloody Mary" doughnut with tomato juice, cream cheese and creme fraiche with parsley

Episode 2: Teresa Fox's Buttermilk Biscuit Doughnut

Buttermilk biscuit doughnut topped with white chocolate, frozen tomato custard, tomato jam and a blood orange garnish

Episode 3: Patty Bosco's Rib Sandwich Doughnut

Rib sandwich with raspberry sauce and cucumber coleslaw

Episode 3: David Schloss' "Morning After" Doughnut

Savory cake doughnut with homemade mayo, cabbage and cheese topping

Episode 3: Torrence O'Haire's Spiced Doughnut 

Spiced BBQ doughnut topped with spiced caramel glaze and caramelized rib

Episode 4: Ian Kleinman's Chili Cake Doughnut 

Cake doughnut stuffed with bocconcini, dipped in icing sugar and red chili glaze, and topped with mozzarella volute, candied pepperoni, pizza sauce, thyme caviar and olive oil powder

Episode 4: James St. Peter's Pepperoni Cake Doughnut 

Cake doughnut topped with pepperoni caramel glaze, pepperoni icing and a mozzarella cheese chip garnish

Episode 4: Katy Gerdes' Mozzarella and Ricotta Fritters

Mozzarella and ricotta fritters stuffed with mozzarella, pepperoni and ricotta, served with sweet tomato pepperoni jam and a basil creme anglaise

Episode 5: Jenna Stephens' Florida Key Lime Doughnut

Florida Key lime doughnut topped with a lime gelatin tequila glaze and lime gelatin cream cheese frosting, then garnished with graham cracker crumbs and lime gelatin

Episode 5: Chris Audler's Coconut Cake Doughnut

Extremely moist cake doughnut soaked in coconut and condensed milk, then topped with a gelatin lime glaze, toasted coconut, chili spices, lime sugar and a rum drizzle

Episode 5: Sharon Wilson's Buttermilk Cake Doughnut 

Buttermilk cake doughnut topped with a lime gelatin glaze, lime zest, fresh basil, mint and candied macadamia nuts, and seasoned with paprika, cayenne and candied ginger

Episode 6: Dayna Page's White Chocolate Cake Doughnut 

Cake doughnut topped with white chocolate ganache and crushed chips, then drizzled with butterscotch and dark chocolate ganache

Episode 6: Nick Semeraro's Banana Fry Cake

Banana fry cake topped with caramel glaze and strawberry drizzle and garnished with fresh strawberries and chips

Episode 6: Mark Tagulao's Salted Caramel Chocolate Doughnut

Salted milk chocolate caramel ganache with an apple cider vinegar caramel glaze, crushed chips and copper Maldon salt

Episode 7: Kimberly Roth's Strawberry Cheesecake Doughnut

Strawberry doughnut with strawberry cheesecake filling, strawberry-rose icing and graham cracker topping

Episode 7: Sophia Sanpei's Strawberry Shortcake Doughnut

Neapolitan strawberry shortcake with a chocolate lemon zest ganache, strawberry lemon zest glaze and strawberry crisps

Episode 7: Nick Benninger's Almond Cake Doughnut

Almond cake drizzled with strawberry syrup and peppercorn brandy glaze and topped with Brie cheese, strawberry tarragon salad and crema

Episode 8: Remy Couture's Pear Cake Doughnut 

Pear cake doughnut with caramelized pear glaze, cheese puff crumble, creme fraiche and cheddar tuille

Episode 8: Napoleon Dunn's Pizza Cheese Puff Doughnut

Nutmeg cinnamon batter doughnut topped with cheese puff crumble, smoked salmon and sour cream glaze

Episode 8: Hannah Hoffman's Caramelized Cheese Puff Doughnut

Caramelized cheese puff doughnut with ricotta thyme cream glaze and glittered cheese puff

Episode 9: Becky Vogsland's Vanilla Mint Cake Doughnut

Vanilla mint cake doughnut with Peppermint Pattie icing, chocolate vanilla swirl buttercream and a Peppermint Pattie garnish

Episode 9: Charles Barrett's Peppermint Pattie Yeast Doughnut

Warm Peppermint Pattie yeast doughnut topped with chocolate mirror glaze, chocolate dirt and fresh mint

Episode 9: Dan Megna's Dark Chocolate Cake Doughnut

Dark chocolate cake doughnut with a mascarpone, white chocolate pistachio bark, frizzled mint and Peppermint Pattie glaze

Episode 10: Dustin Vaughan's Apple Spice Cake Doughnut

Apple spice cake doughnut with apple cheese frosting and candy apple glaze

Episode 10: Mary Smith's Cinnamon Cake Doughnut 

Cinnamon cake doughnut with candy apple pie filling and a cinnamon glaze, candy shell and crumb topping

Episode 10: Dave Wittenbach's Grenadine Cake Doughnut

Grenadine cake doughnut with candy apple glaze and cream cheese swirl

Episode 11: Kris Wallace's Chocolate Cake Doughnut

Fruit-studded chocolate cake doughnut with bacon marshmallow glaze, spiced nuts and chocolate drizzle

Episode 11: Lawrence Bliss' Laminated Orange Cake Doughnut

Laminated orange cake doughnut with root beer syrup, cinnamon, sugar, toasted nuts and a dried fruit compote garnish

Episode 11: Nick Moeller's Yeast Ring

Yeast ring topped with spicy praline trail mix and bacon jam

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