Season 0, Episode 1

Eden Eats: Austin

Eden Grinshpan arrives in Austin, Texas, for her 24-hour around the world food adventure. If you think you're in for BBQ and Tex-Mex, think again! Eden is invited into each kitchen and discovers how people from all over the world have re-created their lives and culture through food. From Chef Piroshka's famous Hungarian spaetzle for dinner at the European Bistro to Malek the baker's Lebanese pita-making machine at 4 a.m., every step leads to another country without a passport!
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Recipes From This Episode

Lebanese Pita

Doro Wot (Ethiopian National Chicken Dish)

Zaatar Pita Bread

Kitfo (Ethiopian Steak Tartar)

Injera (Fermented Sourdough Bread)

Hungarian Goulash



Morrocan Egg and Meatball Tagine

Niter Kibbeh: Ethiopian Spiced Butter

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich Bread


Pastelitode de Queso: Cuban Puff Pastry With Cream Cheese


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