Road Trip Across America with Debi and Gabriele


On Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos' show, Extra Virgin Americana, they travel across the country on food adventures with their family. Watch Debi, Gabriele, Robert, Giulia and Evelina experience fly-fishing, demolition derbies and more!


Traveling in Style

Debi, Gabriele, Robert, Giulia and Evelina fly across the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. No biggie.

Cookin' in the Canyon

When in doubt, bring a portable grill wherever you go. Gabriele and Giulia prepare food with gorgeous views behind them.

Something Fishy

The family gets down and dirty to fish in Seattle.

Wine Not?

Debi and Gabriele team up for a pop-up dinner at their friend's Napa Valley vineyard.

You're My Lobster

Debi and Gabriele check lobsters for freshness in Portland, Maine.

Work for Your Dinner

Gabriele gets to work in the kitchen before he and the family eat in Maine.

Praying for Pearls

Everyone hopes to find a pearl when looking at oyster traps on Cape Cod.

Life's a Beach

After a long day on Cape Cod, the kids and Robert break out their fun floaties for a dip in the ocean.

Crash Bandits

The family watches crazy demolition derbies in Detroit.

Demolition Decoration

Giulia and Evelina are more excited about decorating the cars than watching them crash.

Uptown Funk You Up

Everyone gets in the Motown spirit at the famous Detroit museum.


Gabriele and Debi say, "Yee-haw!" on their Texas trip.

Roping in a Winner

Giulia has fun trying to lasso anything in Austin.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Gabriele learns how to cure and smoke pork in Tennessee — with a taste test or two along the way.

How You Get So Fly?

The family dresses the part for a fly-fishing adventure in Tennessee.

Music Break

Music follows Debi and Gabriele everywhere they go in Tennessee, including a performance by this banjo group.

On to the Next Adventure

The family's trip across America ends at Dollywood in Tennessee. Tune in to see all of their fun:

Extra Virgin Americana