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Scrub a Dub Dub

Donal and his Budapest guide, Andras, enjoy Spa City as they relax in one of the country's ubiquitous thermal baths.

Greece Lightning

Donal greets the bright blue seaside of Ikaria, Greece.

Forever Young

Donal is introduced to 95-year-old local Ikarian Athena, a resident of what he references as “the island where locals forget to die." Athena attributes her longevity to going to bed early, "good genes" and drinking plenty of homemade wine. Life goals.

High Tea

Donal, his guide George, and herbalist Lefteris toast to long life with Ikarian herbal tea. Yamas!

Donal Everlasting

Donal soaks in one of Ikaria’s hot springs, which are known as the island's “fountains of youth.”

Meat Up

This slab of meat is enough for just one day’s worth of juicy, tender donner kebabs for this vendor in Istanbul. It’s Ron Swanson-approved.

Baklava Throwdown

Throwing flour for the perfect flaky, buttery baklava is an art form — it can take a year to learn how to do it properly. This pastry chef is working in a 200-year-old family-owned Turkish factory.

Sausage Fest

Donal checks out sustainable homemade pork sausage hanging at Brandt & Levie in Amsterdam.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

Stretching the curds for Burrata cheese — a type of mozzarella filled with cream — must be done bare-handed in 90-degree water to create the perfect texture. It’s a technique this Puglian cheese maker has spent a lifetime perfecting.


In Portugal, Donal loses himself in Lisbon’s favorite party — the Santos festival — held in honor of St. Anthony.

Geared Up

Donal takes in the stunning sights of Istria, Croatia, in style. 

Fresh Catch

Donal and his fisherman friend David scoop fresh bonito from the sea, then prepare David’s take on sashimi on the rocky coast of Croatia.

Clam Cash

Donal poses with goose barnacle-picker Miguel after hunting in San Sebastián, Spain. This local delicacy — a cousin to prawns and shrimp — is worth 200 euros a kilo.

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