Lee Anne Wong has a lifelong passion for exploring, learning and savoring Asian food. Sometimes a simple craving for a bowl of noodles is all the motivation she needs to hit the town and search for delicious eats. In this one hour special, Lee Anne goes on a food crawl for the best dumplings and noodles New York has to offer. Her eating tour takes her to the historic Chinatowns in Manhattan and Queens, as well as the up and coming food neighborhoods in Williamsburg and Park Slope. Lee Anne visits legendary Vanessa's Dumplings where the choices for dumplings are high and the prices are low. It's a fun lesson filled with a lot of laughs while learning how to make hand-torn noodles at Biang! in Flushing, Queens. At Williamsburg's Smorgasburg, Lee Anne indulges at two innovative food stalls for the best cold Chinese sesame noodles and mazeman which is cold Japanese ramen noodles. This delicious food crawl features families who have made culinary marks, as well as the next generation of inspired cooks who continue to celebrate Asian cuisine.

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