For many people, something as normal as eating can be a constant struggle, an obsession, or an out-of-control nightmare. Every night, 21-year-old Jessica sleepwalks to the kitchen and consumes up to 1500 additional calories...and cannot control it. With the aid of a sleep clinic, will Jessica will finally help to get to the bottom this unusual problem before she permanently damages her health? 25-year-old Shiseido's paralyzing phobia of mayonnaise is leaves her in a state of constant anxiety...and her fiance has had enough. Will Shiseido confront her fear and save her relationship? 25-year-old Patrick is so obsessed with vinegar he drinks seven cups every day, but will shocking news from a doctor convince Patrick to give up his favorite acidic beverage? And 44-year-old Vic has now dedicated his life to expanding his collection of hot sauce bottles. As he attempts to increase his collection from 4400 bottles to 5500, will his wife put her foot down to end, fearing for their bank account?