Photos: Pickling at Brooklyn Brine

Aida visits Brooklyn Brine and gets a tutorial on the process of pickling.

Welcome to Brooklyn Brine

Aida hits NYC to visit a FoodCrafter with a true passion for pickles. Brooklyn Brine is all about small-batch, seasonal artisanal pickling.

Fresh Asparagus

Pickling guru Shamus Jones inspects a delivery of farm-fresh asparagus for his lavender asparagus pickles.

Secret Brine = Divine

Shamus keeps his brine proportions covert, but other than that he's happy to share the process with Aida.

"Tons of Garlic"

Since a sledgehammer wasn't available... Aida gets a workout smashing garlic cloves—critical to Shamus's brines.

Let's Pickle

Spices, garlic and herbs are added to the jars of asparagus. Now it's time for brine.

Pickles for Traditionalists

Brooklyn Brine produces lots of seasonal nontraditional pickles, but they also do various cucumber pickles, like spicy and deli-style.

Lovely Lavender Asparagus

Shamus keeps pickles in dry storage for a month: "The longer you let it sit, the better it tastes."


After hanging out for a month in dry storage, Brooklyn Brine pickles are ready to eat. Hit to get some for yourself.

Pairing With Pickles

Pickles + bread + beer = perfection