Season 2, Episode 8

Websites and Food

Double click on delicious as Food(ography) explores the recent history of how websites, bloggers and social networking is changing our culinary mainframe. Log on for bloggers like Matt Bites who style food, see how a 12-year-old culinary prodigy masters the web and pick up more than cooking tips with internet sensation Hungry Girl. Plus, detour down the information superhighway with the wackier side of the web as viral video vixens shake up cocktails and meet a molecular gastro-girl who is Salty Seattle. Be sure to save some room on your hard drive as we take a mega-bite out of high-tech ordering with 4food.
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Recipes From This Episode

Roasted Tomato and White Bean Stewed Chicken with Apricot Pine Nut Cousous

Dot Calm Cocktail

Southern Food
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